Wednesday, July 20, 2016

10 Facts About Me

Been a bit quiet as life in Lapland has been tiring and whatnot and as I have used Instagram more often than Blogger. Whenever I came to Blogger I quickly changed the site, somehow writing the blog has been the last thing on my mind. BUT as I am spending yet another night at a train travelling from South to North (3rd time doing the trip this year, 2nd time in night trains) and as Jenni had a 10 facts post in her blog (in Finnish) I got inspired (and she kinda tagged everyone willing to do so). SO here we are. 10 facts about me. :)

Sunrise from train, around 4am in Tampere (July 10th)
1. I suffer from atopic dermatitis and am over-sensitive to scented products. My everything has to be scent free or else I get bad rash or really swollen and red skin. Got diagnosed when I turned 18 (7 years ago) and the worst area is my hands.

2. My dad speaks both Swedish and Finnish as his native languages and my paternal grandfather and great grandparents spoke mostly Swedish. However, I'm horrible at it. I understand Swedish well when spoken or written to me but I take ages to reply.

3. I only speak Finnish and English fluently (thanks to spending my 2nd grade home-schooled in Australia meeting my mum's aunt, uncle and 2 cousins living in Brisbane and Sydney). And I understand/speak SOME Japanese (6 months of studies), German (6 months of studies) and Russian (1 year of studies). And Swedish. :D

4. I have no idea what I will be doing in 3 months. I am currently working in retail but my contract ends in late September and I won't renew it. Will be returning to South and start looking for other opportunities. 7 months in Lapland was enough.

5. However, I am in LOVE with the midnight sun/white nights. The light keeps me awake but I love sitting on the sofa, looking out at 2am and enjoy the short summer of Lapland.

6. I was offended back in 2011 as a friend of a friend told me how I don't need a man as I am a strong independent woman. I dated for some time back in 2012 and since then I have been single and don't mind it. I actually prefer it this way as there is nothing to restrict me (like in 2012 I gave up one dream because of my then partner). So all in all, she was quite right. :D

7. I am suffering from constant wanderlust and I have a big plans on how to spend the next 5 years (travel-wise). I want to partake in 5 great and big trips before I turn 30. During next year (July 2016-July 2017) I hope to either do a trip around northern areas of South East Asia (Northern Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, maybe Southern China) or a trip by bus around the Baltic Sea (ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn, then busses from there to Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Berlin (and other German cities), maybe including some BeNeLux countries, Copenhagen, Stockholm and back to Helsinki either via Lapland or ferry to Åland and from there to Finland. After that I want to see the cherry blossoms of Japan, visit USA and return to Australia. OR take the Trans-Siberian train!

8. I am terrified of flying, mostly the taking off-part but I still choose flights over trains any day. And I thrive on Airplane Crash documents. Go figure. In June when I flew back north from a week at my parents' place I had problems with my ears and nearly cried half the flight (only 1h 20mins or less from Helsinki to Rovaniemi).

9. I am a dreamer and I enjoy escapism. Especially during the normal day to day life. :)

10. I gained 10kg while in Thailand (5,5 months!) and I still haven't lost those. Hopefully Pokémon Go and the gym membership I will get for my 25th birthday present will FINALLY help me with those. :)


11. Due to my over sensitivity to scented products I LOVE walking in the cleaning product aisles at stores. I LOVE the scent and can stay there for minutes just enjoying the products which I cannot use in my normal day to day life. Powdery products are the best and smell so good I'd love to try and taste those. :D I blame the lack of scents at home :D


  1. Kiva kun teit tämän postauksen! Meillä on myös puolet suvusta ruotsinkielisiä mutta juhlissa sun muissa puhutaan sekaisin suomeksi ja ruotsiksi, kukin sillä vahvimmalla kielellä :D

  2. I just noticed that I know so much about you already :3 Waifu forever!
    I really hope you can come to Germany soon, and we could travel together too!

  3. Voi, mulla on tosi kova ikävä pohjoisen valoisia öitä! Tampereella on nyt jo öisin aivan pimeää, mutta Torniossa olisi kyllä vielä aika pitkään valoisaa.. :) Onneksi on parin viikon päästä reissu sinne päin!