Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Incoming and Outgoing Mail Weeks #7-8 (plus beginning of 9) :)

Life has been busy and tiring after work started 3 weeks ago. People are super nice and I'm finally starting to learn their names (I have a crappy name memory but I remember a face easily - go figure why I need up to 4 weeks to remember which name belongs to who). I have suffered from shoulder and lower back pains now and then but I do like it in here. :)

But now that my roommate left me for nearly 2 weeks (she likes Southern Finland more than my company! :( ) I decided to really focus on letters and mail in general. No one to talk to and tv shows can be crappy (I NEED MORE "Awkward"!!!) so that's a great reason to focus on mail and catch up for good! :) Haven't been all caught up with mail in YEARS! :) But here are some of the mail received and sent during February. The lack of mail is due to Posti being an ass and not redirecting my mail even though I ordered redirection. :/ Oh well, February's worth of mail should be arriving to me today :)

Outgoing Postcrossing postcards
most were sent last week's Monday from Arktikum with the special postmark they offer :)

to Germany

to India

to Finland

to Poland, Germany and Armenia
Arktikum postcard with matching postmark ;)

to Netherlands

to Lithuania

to Turkey

to Chile

to Argentina

to Russia

to Russia

to Czech Republic

to Russia
Other Outgoing postcards

Private swap to Japan

Private swap to Miia, Finland
Incoming Postcards

from Alex, Germany

Year of the Monkey postcards from Singapore and Australia

Jetoy postcard I received empty from Memi, Thailand as a souvenir from her trip to South Korea.
Wrote and sent it for myself as a way to collect another special postmark we had for only a short time!

old stamp and the Lahti Ski Games (Salpausselän Kisat) postmark

to Maria, Russia

to Emma, Finland

from Amy, UK

my reply to Amy - sent on Feb 29th :3
from Kitty, Germany
she sent a letter and a box of tea :D

my reply to her. Sorry for the crappy pic. Didn't realize it was that bad before I moved it to my laptop.
Sent on Feb 29th.
to Sabine, Germany

to Daria, Poland

from Momo, Finland

My reply to Momo, sent a week ago Monday with the special postmark :)

from Alexis, USA
she sent me sheets of her self made stationery as well as stickers!! ;;__;; I'm so lucky to have a pal like her!

Here's to hoping March will bring more mail than February did!
Hope you all have full mailboxes! :)



  1. Vautsi miten paljon postia!! :D Ja ihania posteja ovatkin! ❤

    1. Sitä se tuottaa kun on huono bloggaamaan ajallaan (ja ottaa kuvia posteista) ja sitten tuleekin postattua kasoissa :D Tälläkin hetkellä iso kourallinen kirjeitä ja muita mistä voisi postailla mutta taitaa siirtyä taas hieman pidemmälle kun seuraavat 8 päivää menee stressatessa ja kiireisenä :D

  2. Beautiful postcards! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)