Saturday, February 6, 2016

Outgoing Mail during January and beginning of February - Weeks 2-5

Currently I can say that I come from Finnish Lapland. All thanks to an application I sent in early January "just in case". I got a call less than a week afterwards even though the application period was still going on and when I called them back a week later we agreed to have the interview on February 5th. Well, I had loads of panic attacks and anxiety packing my bags again and taking a 9,5h long train ride here to live as my best friend's flatmate until the end of summer/until I have money for rent and all the little payments you need to do before you get the apartment. I had 3 HEAVY bags with me and I'm still sorting those out after I reached my destination 3 days ago on February 3rd.

Yesterday I had the interview first scheduled at 4pm but it got pushed back to 4.45pm. And 5.40pm when I walked out of the interview we had written the contract and I got my first shifts starting in February 15th. YAY! Only 1,5 months of unemployment after graduation. :D It was also stressing me out, which is why I haven't really written (nor received) loads of mail after the first week or so.. :/ Maybe I get to catch up a little before work starts and during my first two weeks at work as I only got a couple of shifts. :) So happy I won't have to battle with Kela anymore! :3


Christmas chaincard

Stamps so far :)

Huge Christmas/winter chaincard

Stamps so far

Huge Christmas chaincard

the final product
SO pretty in my mind :)
Favourite stamps Chaincard to Russia
Hosted by yours truly

The gorgeous final product! :)
I LOVE that Finnish snowflake stamp SO much!

Christmas Chaincard
Just look at those stamps! :D

Postcards and Greetingcards

Private swap with Miia

Private swap with Miia

Private swap to Thailand
via Interpals

Private Swap to Japan

Private swap to Japan
Chinese New Year greeting-card (bought from TH)
to Lisa, Germany and Alexis, USA 

Chinese New Year Greeting-card
to Memi, Thailand
Private swap to Australia

Private swap to China
with the pretty snowflake stamp like my friend requested

Private swap to Japan

Private swap to Japan

Decided to send a couple of Postcrossing postcards before the postage price rises 20 cent with foreign mail and 10 cents with domestic. :)

to Russia

to Germany

to USA

to Belarus
I really liked Big Hero 6 :)

to Netherlands

to China

to Hong Kong

to Taiwan
This is apparently a character from Stitch! animation series. Never heard of it but as Stitch stuff was everywhere and I even got to know Angel in Thailand, I guess it's a popular series in there?

to Ukraine

to Germany

to Italy


to Alexis, USA
Happy I managed to get someone fall head over heels for Moomins :D
to a possible new penpal from..... Germany :D

Take care!!


  1. Whaaaat? You just called me a "possible" new penpal here :( I AM your new German penpal :P

    1. I'm always a bit skeptical before I get a reply to my letters :D But I am happy to have you as my new German penpal! <3 :3