Friday, February 12, 2016

Mail from week 6 (and earlier)

Incoming and outgoing mail in the same post as my incoming mail is non existent :D Blame the move but nearly none of the letters I've mailed in December-January have received a reply. Out of my many penpals only 5 have written me in 2016 and 2 of them (UK, Germany) have sent me 2 letters, third (USA) is sending out her letter soon and then these 2 last ones (Germany, Austria) have sent me one letter. Where are my penpals hiding?? :O And how do people seem to receive a bunch of mail nearly daily? I want some of their mail! :(

Only thing missing is the newest Christmas chaincard as I just couldn't get a proper picture of it or the stamps as the lighting in here is what it is.. :(
But 7 written letters in 4 days is good if you ask me. I have plans on writing even more during weekend, as long as my headache gets better, so that I'd start receiving letters soon. I'm sad that the mailbox is so empty.. :(


Surprise postcard from Alex, Germany.
She sent the card for me and my roommate based on the address - the first mail that came directly here without being turned like the chaincard was (see some of the stamps up in the pic :D)

Outgoing postcards - I'm preordering the Salpausselän kisat - special postmark :)
Jetoy is for myself and others are for my roommate and penpals from USA, Germany and Thailand :)

A fellow Finnish Instagramer sent me a message after I had moved and told me she wanted to send me a housewarming surprise. This lovely envelope arrived on Monday along with one letter and my belated stamp order.
We had talked about Karel Capek tea ordering earlier and swapped Gotochi cards and apparently she remembered it as she sent me the tiny Gotochi and two extra KC teas she received! :3

This is how I take over the table over here whenever I'm all alone with the doggy :3

from Lisa, Germany in January

from Kitty, Germany in January

from Amy, UK in January

from Jacqui, Austria - the very first letter of February
Outgoing letter to Jacqui, Austria - sent the reply on Tuesday afternoon and she received the letter on Thursday :)

to Lisa, Germany

to Evelyn, Australia
New penpal 

to a new Finnish penpal

to Julia, Russia

to Amy, UK

to Kitty, Germany

Take care!!

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