Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Liebster Award

I got nominated TWICE for Liebster Award (by Liisu and Laura) and I chose to accept it although I'm not usually a fan (at least anymore) of  replying this and that. But here we go~

The rules of this award are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to his/her blog
2. Answer the 11 questions which you got from your "nominator"
3. Name and link 11 blogs that will receive the Liebster Award from you. These blogs should have under 200 followers
4. Write down 11 new questions for the bloggers you chose

As everyone I follow has been nominated or already done this, I will unfortunately skip the parts 3 and 4. :(

The Answers to Liisu's questions:

1) For how long have you been blogging? Since April 1st 2010, so this will be my 6th year TRYING to keep my blog alive :) Started as snail mail+diary-like blog but nowadays it's pretty much of snail mail as nothing ever happens :)

2) What are your favourite sports? Watching ice hockey on my sofa? Nah, I like wandering, hogging and getting lost :) And cycling is fun as well but I hate winter sports :)

3) Which country would you like to visit next? Why? I would LOVE to return to Thailand and see Bangkok, especially since me and my dear Thai penpal (whom I found after my return to Finland) only had ~5km between us during the night I spent at the Suvarnabhumi Airport.. And of course Bangkok has some GREAT stationery stores.. ;)

The very last sunrise I saw in Thailand

The flight I wanted to take :)

But if I'd need to choose a country I haven't been to it would most likely be Hong Kong :) I follow this one popular Finnish travel blogger (we went to the same school and she had a lecture in one of my courses which I loved) who did her exchange in Hong Kong and fell in love. She has great pictures of the city/country on her blog.. AND I was sold when I had a 2h transit on the airport before my flight Hong Kong - Phuket. SO yeah, I love Asia and want to go there :)

4) What are your 3 favourite books of all time? "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë (read it for the first time when I was 15, then again at 19 or so), "TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY" by Jay Asher (touched me and got me really thinking) and "Forgotten" by Cat Patrick (bought and read during the trip to London I took with my best friend in December of 2011 - introduced me to my favourite author)

I read my books in English

5) Are you usually late, early or right on time? EARLY. I HATE being just on time - I usually end up appearing to work 30min early so that I can relax and breathe before everything starts. I absolutely loathe people who are late and I get a bit cranky when people are just on time.. Sorry 'bout it.

6) What kind of weather you like the most? Sunny, warm, over +30°C (86°F) preferably - aka Phuket weather between November/December and mid-April

7) If you could travel in time, would you go to future or past and why? I love Victorian England and would love to see it so I'm going with past :)

8) Write 3 interesting places to visit in your hometown. I live in the middle of nowhere (village with barely over 150 people in 5km radius) so fields, forests and the pig farms?
BUT if we go with my birth town (and hometown for over 16 years) Porvoo I'd say old Porvoo, Haikko Manor and the Porvoo Cathedral.

This is how much we have stuff here where I live

9) What is your favourite holiday to celebrate? I'm not really into holidays anymore but I'd say Chinese New Year as it was an interesting experience and the only time I really gave money to Buddha for luck in the year of the goat, I got food poisoning the next day :D

Big Buddha, Phuket

10) What are you talented in? Doing nothing? Playing videogames all week long? My penpals say I'm good at writing but I doubt they're being honest about it as I can end up going from subject A to Z in the middle of one LOOOOONG sentence. :) So yeah, I don't really consider myself being that talented in anything :)

11) What are your plans for 2016? To find new plans and dreams. I am in a haze right now - no school, no job and no money. So a job would be nice but a rejection from my dream job still has me down.

And then to Laura's questions:

1. Who are you? 24 (wanting to write 23) years old with a degree from Business Tourism (Bachelor of Hospitality Management - Restonomi, Matkailu-ala) with NO plans for the future. In December it didn't bother me one bit but now with nothing to do and a rejection from my dream job in just 4 days after sending the application, I'm clueless. I love penpalling (but currently suffer from lack of motivation with everything mail-related - winter blues?) and I'm currently playing every visual novel found from Steam winter sales with reasonable prices. Oh, and I'm a future crazy cat lady! :)

2. How did you end up writing a blog? I had nothing to do and loads of free time after my matriculation exams so I chose to start a blog as I saw MANY people having one (thank you Interpals).

3. Your favorite weekday and what do you prefer to do on that day? Any day that is free and when I can sleep long.. But other than that I actually like Mondays as I might get mail again after the 2 days long weekend with no mail. :)

4. Which would you prefer more; living in the city or in the countryside? In the suburbia I guess.. I like the possibility of going shopping just like that without having to drive a car for 30-60mins or taking a 1-2h long bus ride, but then again I love the peace and quiet of countryside..

5. The most beautiful word you've heard? Ladyboy. I got used to using the word so much in Thailand (or when talking with Finns I used "leikkari" although a better shortening would have been "leidari" :D) and I associate it with these absolutely beautiful and gorgeous ladies in the bar streets, pageants and shows. :)

6. Where will you be in 10 years? Wish I knew where I would be in just one month.. NO idea but I HOPE I could be travelling the World.

7. What's the best thing about having a blog? The possibility to share pictures and texts and sometimes receiving nice comments for the posts :)

8. ... And the worst? Trying to squeeze it into your days when you have absolutely no time or motivation for blogging. Or forgetting the blog for good.. :/ And the spam comments now and then.

9. Your best memory related to the snail mail hobby? Finding my first penpals (domestic and international), getting to know some of them really good and meeting 2 of my German penpals in 2014 + Lisa coming to see me in Phuket for nearly 2 weeks in March 2015! It was great to do some snail mail related shopping together and writing postcards at the same time :)

10. Where would you like to travel the most right now? To Thailand and from there visit all of the Asean countries (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, (Timor-Leste) and Vietnam). And to Asia in general :)

11. You wake up in the morning and the thermometer shows -25 celcius degrees. What's your reaction? OH HEEELLLS NO. I'm moving to Thailand and live under the bridge or something!

snow and max. -5 with no snow is okay but after that.....

Take care and thank you for the nominations!! :)


  1. I can feel you, I hate being late too xD

    1. THANK YOU! :D I'm usually told that I'm mad when I start nagging how people could be early instead of JUST on time or "a little" late! :D

  2. Kiva, kun vastailit. :)
    Ja, haha, mittari näytti tänään sit sen -27C, kun heräsin. xD Eka ajatus oli kylläkin "tänään en mene ulos, kun ei ole pakko". :D

    1. Oli ihan hauskaa vastailla :D Vaikka muutamaa piti miettii hieman kauemmin ja kuvat piti saada tabletilta kaikista vaikeimmalla tavalla - helpompi tapa löyty heti kun kuvat oli jo koneella :')
      Meillä oli aamulla sellaset VAAN -32 astetta ja päivällä lämpeni siihen -28 :D Kissakin on ihan häiriintyny eikä suostu menee ulos :D Sille kun avaa jo pelkästään ulkoeteiseen oven se katsahtaa ulko-ovea, oven avaajaa, heilauttaa tassujaan ja tekee u-käännöksen :D Tänään en uskaltanut ulos, mutta huomenna on pakko kun pitää käydä postissa ja sovin tapaamisenkin, jota on siirretty tiistaista asti :D

  3. Thank you for interesting answers! I´m the one always being early as well(unless happens something that I can´t influence):D

    1. It was fun to answer :)
      haha :D Happy to hear I'm not the only one who is usually early :D