Saturday, January 2, 2016

Incoming Postcrossing Postcards Weeks 50-53 (pt.1)

Been busy with work, Christmas and Christmas cleaning. I did have some days off between Christmas and New Year but I slept during those days before I had to work my arse off on the last days of the year (2nd year in a row that I'm off on Christmas eve but working on New Year's Eve ;) And this year I had TWO jobs - last shift of my Christmas help job (9am-3pm) and then I went to help out as an extra to a fancy restaurant (4pm-11pm)). So, no outgoing mail, especially after receiving 2 huge bills due on Dec 30th. Let's try sending out mail again in week one of 2016? :)

But off to the various postcards I received during December from Postcrossing!

from Albania (AL-472)
Postcard from Albania after 9,5 years since I visited the country for my dad's 40th birthday :)

from India

from Turkey

China card from USA

from Belarus

from Czech Republic
Funniest thing is that I have sent the exact same postcard to Czech Republic last year or so :)

from Estonia
My very first map card from Estonia :3

from Poland
from Malaysia

from China

from the Philippines

from Netherlands

from Netherlands

from Australia

frpom Australia

from Ukraine

from Ukraine

from Ukraine

from Germany

from Germany

from Germany

from Germany

Take care!


  1. have you sent the dr who pc unwritten? the maybe it is xD

    1. Haha :D Too bad I didn't send it unwritten.. :D But it is from the same 100 Doctor Who PCs set that I got from a friend! :D SO happy I got it back! <3