Sunday, January 3, 2016

Incoming (Non-Postcrossing) Mail Weeks #50-53 (pt. 1)

As it's the second day (at least) with temperatures under -10°C (14°F) and the second day it's actually snowing in the South East Finland, I chose to FINALLY update my blog and Picasa albums. I went out for a walk yesterday after 4pm and I was nearly crying as I was sure my face would freeze and fall off. The temperatures weren't nearly as low as those can get in Finland but the wind was FREEZING. No wonder my cat doesn't like to stay outside and instead comes to my room whenever he can (the warmest room in the house as I'm dreaming of tropical temperatures, sun, sea and beaches). This was one of the times I REALLY wish I would win the lottery, pay off my student loan and then just fly somewhere warm and stay at a resort until Finnish summer.

And thanks to the sheer amount of mail I'm separating the pics into two different posts :)


Winter Chaincard
Finland - Japan - Netherlands - Taiwan - Finland

Stamps I got.
Disappointed that the Dutch participant used used stamps from Netherlands, UK and Aruba as Christmas/winter cards and then used a basic stamp from Netherlands and stuck it right on top of the Arctic Circle special postmark. Thank you VERY much -__-

BUT I got the stamp and postmark of the Year of the Monkey from Taiwan! :3
Swaps and surprises

Surprise Christmas card from Melissa

Surprise Christmas card from Evelyn

swap from New Zealand

swap from China

Thank you card from Japan

swap from China

Extra card from Spreepicky order

Surprise card from Japan
Thank you for joining a chaincard :)

swap from France

swap from China

Surprise Christmas card from Singapore

Singaporean Christmas stamps! :3

Surprise/Thank you card from Singapore
Special Postmarks
I was able to get all 3 special Christmas postmarks from Finland thanks to some help from a fellow Instagrammer Jatta - she sent me the 3rd postmark from Lahti during her visit (the other two I was able to get by sending cards for myself ;)). She also sent me one from Germany during her visit. :3 SO thankful for both of those!

Helsinki Christmas postmark - up 2014 and down 2015 domestic Christmas stamps

Seurasaaren Joulupolku 2015 (20 years) postmark (one day only!)

New Moomin card to my collections from Jatta

Lahti Seimikaupunki 2015 postmark
Too bad Posti ruined the postmark, AGAIN. :(

from Jatta during her trip to Germany

the pretty German (charity) Christmas stamp and postmark from Nurnberg

Take care!


  1. I want that monkey stamp too >-<

    1. I want to collect all monkey stamps this year!! ;;__;; Wish I could swap those from rarer Asian countries like last year! Last year I got one from Philippines and Vietnam as well as I joined a swap and could offer the Thai version! ;;__;;