Friday, January 8, 2016

Last Outgoing Mails of 2015 + Mail sent on January 8th.

YAY! First outgoing mails of the year and I am, for once, quite motivated to keep on writing, although the motivation usually keeps me up until 2-4am and I wake up between 9 and 11am although I have an alarm ringing at 8am each morning....

Not as much incoming mail and the first letter of 2016 arrived just yesterday (I'm still a bit behind with mail but catching up fast) :) Lisa's letter reached her on January 2nd (probably the first letter of 2016 for her) and Alex's letter arrived on January 5th although it was sent at the same time as Lisa's and traveled a shorter distance! :S

Missing letter I sent to Malaysia in 2015 and today's 2 outgoing letters to Germany and Taiwan :(

to Lucy, Argentina
to Lisa, Germany
Sent her a folded card I bought during my Interrail trip to UK in August 2010 and added some stuff on the side I didn't write on :)
to Alex, Germany
My second notebook letter for her (Eiffel Tower notebook is the letter, there's the tea envelope, Tampere map from one of my trips (the postcard-like looking thingy) and Frozen envelope includes Mail Tag), this time the notebook was big enough to fit my letter to her on the pages - barely :D

First page - decorated all the pages differently

And of course I had to use some pages for Frozen and wintery stuff :D
First letter to Jacqueline, Austria
another pal writing short letters so why not.. :)

to Lizz, Canada
Starting to write with her again after a couple of years :)

to Kat, Germany
Hope she likes the paper and the teas :) The Telephone-envelope has those fake polaroids inside :)

No Theme Chaincard - hosted by yours truly
Indonesia - Germany - Estonia - Finland - Indonesia

stamps on the finished product ;)
I absolutely love the Indonesian temple/house stamp and the otter from Estonia!

Piscoletter's Chaincard Group 2
USA - Thailand - Macedonia - Finland - USA

Stamps on the finished product.
There was no theme but in the end it looks like birds/animals was the main theme of the chain! :')
USA, Thailand and Finland had birds and Thailand had frogs and Macedonian stamp is a skull of some animal.. Nice coincidences! :)
OK Chaincard 5 - Christmas stamps
Hong Kong - USA - Finland - Japan - Hong Kong

stamps so far :)

Take care!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Incoming (Non-Postcrossing) Mail Weeks #50-53 (pt. 2)

The second and last part of my incoming mail during December - the last incoming mails from 2015. :) Now let's get back to mailing out and receiving mail in 2016! :)


from Lizz, Canada
Heard from her again after years :D

from Annika, Germany
Christmascards from Friends

from my best friend

from Niina

from Janita

from Satu

Christmascards from Penpals

from Marjut, Finland

from Emma, Finland

from Memi, Thailand

from Rini, USA

from Alexis, USA

from Jen, USA

from Lotte, Belgium

from Tessa, Austria/Ukraine

from Yulia, Russia

from Josiane, France

from Amy, England

from Jemma, England

from Kitty, Germany

from Alex, Germany

from Isabell, Germany

from Lisa, Germany

from Christine, Germany

Other postcards

from Marjut, Finland

from Marjut, Finland

from Marjut, Finland

from Marjut, Finland

from Marjut, Finland

from Lisa, Germany

from Lisa, Germany

from Lisa, Germany

from mum and dad during their trip to Rome - they also visited the Vatican and sent this pretty postcard. My cat got a postcard from Rome :')

Stamp from the Vatican!

Nami Island South Korea - Metasequoia Lane
sent by Memi (Thailand) during her trip to South Korea :3
Postcard Nasse (my cat) received

I'm actually jealous of my cat now! Such a pretty card from Rome!

All from one and the same Chinese swapper who had the cutest postcards to offer. If I could I'd swap all of her postcards :3

Take care!