Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Cards of 2015

Hyvää, ihanaa ja lämmintä Joulua kaikille! (In Finland we celebrate the Christmas in December 24th, the Christmas eve for some reason. The year I spent in Australia 1999-2000 I was nearly dying on Christmas eve - I was 8, my brother was 5, as my parents kept telling us that we'd need to wait ONE MORE DAY. Last year on the other hand I woke up late, went for a tuna sandwich with my best friend before we took a long stroll around Patong Beach (we were looking for a certain fabric store for her cosplay project - Frozen's Elsa which still hasn't seen the light of day) and ended up making rice porridge in the kitchen of my internship place around 4 in the afternoon with +30 weather :D)
But anyways, to the Christmas cards I sent out this year~
Most of these cards were sent from the Arctic Circle in the beginning of November/end of October

to Satu, Finland
"Have and atmospheric Christmas(?)"

to my best friend, Finland
"Christmas is the time of surprises and miracles"

to Christine, Germany

to Alexis, USA

to Lotte, Belgium
"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year/Luck for the New Year"

to Yulia, Russia
"(Have a) relaxing Christmas"

to Emma, Finland
"During Christmas time you have a permission to curl up under a woolen blanket, eat at night and just be!"

to Alex, Germany
"Have an atmospheric Christmas time"

to Isabell, Germany

to Marjut, Finland

to Niina, Finland

to my grandma

to Elisa, Scotland
not even trying to translate that, sent it to her as we've had a thing for the "emo cows" since 2010 :D
to Janita, Finland
"Cheerful Christmas greetings!"

to Lisa, Germany
"Art without Hands" greeting card "Tyttö ja Enkeli" by Ann Lund Wahlberg
original work painted with mouth

to Memi, Thailand
"Art without Hands" greeting card "Lapin Lumoa" by Risto Toivanen
original work painted with a foot
Hyvää Joulua ja Onnellista Uutta Vuotta!

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