Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rovaniemi Oct. 29th-Nov. 3rd

Was awesome. On 29th I was a bit down as I had to wake up at 4am and it marked a year since I left to Thailand for my internship. Wish I could move somewhere warm right NOW :)

I had fun at my best friend's place, I watched a LOT of MTV (Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, Are You The One? and other quality shows, even one episode of Geordie Shore), hung out with kifia and her chihuahua Choco (his breath smells), visited Arktikum and the Arctic Circle, did some postcard and stamp shopping and ate too well :) But I'll just spam you with pictures this time :) Pictures taken with my Chinese tablet so the quality is so-so :D

Oh and as Finnish mail is currently striking and mail comes now and then I'll post last and this week's incoming together later on this week, IF I get any of the mail I've been waiting for..

Finnair morning flight Helsinki-Rovaniemi 07.30-08.50 (bought flights for less than 80€)

I'm a bit afraid of flying (yet I major in tourism and currently study aviation industry) so the turbulence during the flight scared me. Luckily I sat on the row 27 (second to last) and no one sat in the next 4 rows so I was able to shake without no one noticing me

This was the point I was about to take over the plane and make an u-turn to Helsinki

Saw Rovaniemi and even Santa's Village (Joulupukin Pajakylä) while landing :3

snow but +2C? LIES. It was COOOOOOLD.
At times Choco liked me but most of the time he was afraid of me

Arktikum Mailbox and a visit to Arktikum :3

Arktikum. Awesome place, will return!

On my way to the Arctic Circle. The bus was FULL of Asians and I felt like a circus clown stepping in when everyone was staring at me

Napapiiri! :)

I practically ran to Santa's Post Office!

Santa's Main Post Office, Arctic Circle, FINLAND :3

dropped a bunch of cards here, one written by kifia for me:3

Finland is SO up north!!

letters for Santa

Santa was there :3

up left: for Memi, Thailand (also one for me, written by kifia)
up right: Christmas chaicard (from Netherlands) to Hong Kong
down left: to kifia (WILL start collecting the series!)
down right: Christmas chaincard (my own) to Japan, also one for swap to Netherlands

Choco begging for food while we were baking :D

For kifia's 24th birthday-Halloween-Housewarming Mashup Party :)

decorating the small apartment for 8 people :D

Our pumpkin muffins/cupcakes with peach liquor frosting and orange frosting with witch hats :)

FINALLY saw the new Moomin movie

And we had a bunch of fun watching it. Loads of laughing and misheard lines :)

And all snow had melted during my stay :(

Wanted to take that with me and give to my mum as a Christmas/birthday present!

And I somehow ended up sitting in the business class! :D
More leg room :3

Will be posting the postcards etc later on~

Take care!


  1. Wuiii, want to visit too. Take me with you next time you go over there :3

    1. We'll see when I go next time as last time was nearly 2 years ago :D And if I get my dream job I might not visit the place for a LOOOOONG time :P