Sunday, October 25, 2015

Outgoing Postcards Week #43

Postcards sent last week in here


Shaped/Big stamp chaincard returning to Hong Kong

mostly shaped stamps, can't wait to get my own back soon :3

Christmas stamps chaincard that started last week! :3 A bit larger postcard due to 8 participants :)

The "Christmas" stamp I wanted for my own card :3

Other Instagram Swaps

to Philippines, China and UK

to China

to UK

to China and USA

to Italy, Russia, Malaysia and Singapore

to Indonesia
to Singapore

to Netherlands

to China

to Ukraine

to Malaysia

to Australia

to Australia

to Malaysia

to Malaysia - plus two envelopes of Paddington + Moomin tea

to Canada and Singapore

to Australia

to Australia

to Australia and Singapore

to Japan
to Thailand

Postcrossing cards to Russia (34/36 of my PC cards are going to Russia)

Take care!


  1. I see, christmas card season has started xD

    1. It usually starts around early to middle October in here, however I've yet to hear any Christmas music (thank GOD for that!) but for example my brother got me a Minion Advent Calendar 2 weeks ago! :D And I FINALLY start finding the best Christmas sweets at the stores (especially new Christmas chocolate - milk chocolate with almond and cranberries (with Christmas spices)) and some great marmalade. :3 AND I plan on dropping off the Christmas cards next week to a mailbox in Arctic Circle so...... :D Better early than never or how was it..? ;D