Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Moomin stamps!!

I've grown close with a Thai swapper and a new penpal Memi. We started swapping in July and have so far (no joke) swapped at least 30 postcards with each other and I sent her a letter a couple of weeks ago which was over 10 pages long. We have a lot to talk about and now we have started to swap stamps as well.

I fell in love with Thai stamps during my internship in Phuket and got a bit angry and sad that the cutest stamps came when I was leaving or already left, such as Songkran Festival, 40th Anniversary of Thailand - North Korea Diplomatic Relations, Thailand - Malaysia Joint-Issue stamp, Thai Numerals stamps and 60th Anniversary of Thailand - Sri Lanka Diplomatic Relations. I have received or am going to receive most of the new stamps on postcards thanks to various swaps but Memi has also sent me some of those stamps in mint condition.

Somehow we got to talk about Moomin stamps (we chat via Instagram and Facebook nowadays) as I've been the one feeding her Moomin postcard collection and we agreed that I'd send her the 2013 Moomins stamp booklet as well as both of the 1994 Moomin stamps.

After a while she told me she was going to Japan and South Korea later on and promised to look for something Tangled and/or Frozen related for me in the Disney Parks of Tokyo. I was ecstatic to say the least (especially about Tangled) so, I went and hunted down all of the Moomin stamps ever published in Finland and only one of those was cancelled (but with the first day postmark (1998) so it's special). :) It did cost me an arm and a leg (as the 2004 Moomin stamp alone costs 6€ mint) but it was worth it. As a design student she was also interested in the new Eläinten Kaupunki (The Animal city/City of the Animals) stamps and I got a sheet of those for her as well! :)

Eläinten kaupunki, 2015 Moomin EUROPA stamps, 1998 Moomins with the first day postmark and the notorious 6€ 2004 Moomin stamp (it's a bit fluffy so I love touching it! :3)

1992 Moomin stamp with prices in Finnish mark (went away as Finland took euro in.. 2001-2002? I just remember I loved having a 10mk coin and going to buy a bag of sweets with it every Friday when I was small :D) and another one from  2000.

2009 Moomins and some of the very first 2nd class stamps, which were sold in smaller amounts than 20 and you could actually buy home, until then 2nd class stamps were only in use if you sent mail in big piles from the post office, from 2011.

2007 and 2003 Moomin stamps (I remember receiving LOADS of letters with the 2003 stamps when I had been writing letters for 2 or so years already) and 2014 Tove Jansson (the creator of Moomins) stamps celebrating the 100th year since her birth (she died in 2001).
Sending these out slowly but surely and soon Memi will have a better Moomin stamp collection than I do! :D

Take care~


  1. Aijai, nämä on niin ihania! <3 Noita pehmomuumeja tuli käytettyä aika paljon kirjeissä silloin aikanaan, mutta enpä ollut silloin niin suuri postihirmu, että olisin tajunnut ostaa niitä arkkeja varastoon... Kaverisi on varmasti aika otettu tästä kasasta! :D

    1. Itse en muista noita nähneeni ennen kuin koulukaveri laittoi yhden synttärikortin kuoreen 2010-2011! Ihastuin heti ja sitten kuulinkin ihanasta hinnasta :D
      Mutta nuo 2003 Muumimerkit oli niin rakkaita kun niitä oli :D Sain varmasti 5 kirjettä pelkästään tuolla Nuuskamuikkunen merkillä! :D
      Ja kaveri on kiitellyt vaikka kuinka jo viikon ajan! :') Nyt lähti ensimmäinen satsi noista menemään, ihan vain ettei kaikki katoaisi jos Thaimaan posti päättää varastaa jotain...... :)
      Samalla kun tilasin noita hamstrasin itselle 1994 Muumi merkkejä ja 1993 Ystävänpäivä merkkejä, kun kerran ovat 1.luokkaa :3 Uusia voi laitella vaihtokortteihin ja Postcrossingiin, mutta vanhemmat menee omiin kokoelmiin ja kirjekavereille :D

  2. I love Moomin stamps so much >.< Finland really publishes a lot of them xD

    1. I still have more or less all of those (except the 6€ one, for SOME reason) in my "stamps to be used" folder and have been saving most for you :D I just need to get back to letter writing now so I can use those xD

  3. Hey :)
    Just had a look at your blog aswell and it's really lovely. You really seem to be into Postcrossing :) I actually stopped this because I only got Postcards from Russia and the USA all the time and also almost only had to send mine there and that bored me a bit as I wanted to receive and send postcards ALL over the world :D

    Nevertheless I really love the postcards you are gettin and sending <3 AND the Moomin stamps are adorable <3

    By the way: if you are ever looking for a new pen pal keep me in mind. As I really love Finland (one of my favourite bands is from Finland) I'd love to have a pen pal from there. Once I also tried to learn Finnish - failed badly though ;D

    Happy Postcrossing and Snail Mailing to you ♥

    1. I'm into Postcrossing but currently I'm more into swapping cards with people on Instagram :) I can choose what kind of postcards I'll get when I send Moomins and such to them :) SO much better than Postcrossing :P And I have to agree, USA and Russia (and Germany) do rule the official Postcrossing site and most postcards travel to and from there.. :/

      Will keep you in mind, first, however, I need to catch up with my mail and see how many are still willing to write with me after taking breaks here and there thanks to life.. :)