Friday, October 16, 2015

Incoming Postcards Week #42

This week has been a crazy postcard week thanks to last week's World Post Day/Postimerkinpäivä :) I received a bunch of awesome postcards from Finland as well as a bunch from Thailand, 95% of Thai cards were sent by me for them to be written (I had put stamps ready on the cards) and then returned to me :) And it worked! :3 Now I have even more Thai postcards in my collections, especially the map cards (Thailand + Phuket) I sent around so many times during my internship :)

Deadlines are over and done with, I have free time until Oct 28th, when the next courses start again and on Oct 29th (the anniversary of me leaving to TH) I'll be heading to Rovaniemi, Lapland to bother my best friend for her birthday. I'll skip 2 school days and stay in the cold North until Nov. 3rd :)

So, letter writing will be happening now (as well as sending last postcard swaps and Postcrossing cards to, surprise surprise, Russia) and I hope I'll get to send some mail from the special cancellation/postmark mailboxes in Rovaniemi! ESPECIALLY the Arctic Circle one! :3

Can you tell I'm excited? :D The last time I went to Rovaniemi was in March 2013!! (and the flight ticket was an early Christmas present from mum and dad, they most likely paid this as me and my brother will buy them a trip to Central Europe in February :)).

BUT, to postcards~ :D

World Post Day/Postimerkinpäivä Postcards

Postcrossing card from USA without any text, only ID number (in an envelope) SO I wrote and sent it for myself

Postcrossing card from USA without any text, only ID number (in an envelope) SO I wrote and sent it for myself

stamps on those cards

sent by me :D

sent by me :D

from my best friend in Rovaniemi

from my best friend in Rovaniemi

upper reindeer stamp was the stamp of Rovaniemi
lower was the stamp of Kouvola

Kouvola card the stamp came with :)
Hamina came with matching Hamina stamp did the Kotka card :)

Up: Hamina
Down: Kotka - the prettiest stamp of the day excluding the reindeer one of Rovaniemi :3
swap from Miia (came with the stamp of Kajaani)

from Orimattila

from Lahti

Swaps etc.

Chaincard FI-HK-JP-IT-FI

the pretty pretty stamps on the backside of the card :3

Surprise card from Alex, Germany
LOVE the cat card so much! Reminds me a bit of Garfield.. :D

from Japan

from Japan

from Japan
Art of Disney Tangled postcard collection is.. FINISHED!! :D 10/10 written+stamped! :3 SO HAPPY!!

stamps from Japan + 1 special postmark :)

from Memi, Thailand

Pretty pretty 2015 stamps :3

Surprise/Apology card from Thailand - some of the first day postmarks :3

and the Emerald Buddha stamps based on its changing clothing as seasons change :D
Summer - Rainy season - Winter
Yet another Belle and Boo postcard from a swap :)
From Netherlands

Thai Postcards sent back to me 

Thailand map

Zodiac and Frozen stamps! :P

And of course I needed a Phuket map as well :)

Bottom: Loy krathong stamp + Vesak Day 2014 stamp :) LOVE those!

From Memi:

Phuket Town

2014 New Year stamps (3 baht versions) - this year the theme will be flowers and plants :(

Barge + Grand Palace at the Chao Phraya River

Phi Phi Islan, Krabi

James Bond Island, Phang Nga

James Bond Island, Phang Nga

WWF stamps of felines in Asia and 50th Anniversary of Thai Airways

This came with barely 3 stamps which fell off immediately as I got the postcard from the mailbox.. 2 fell on the way to me :( And no need to tell me about Animal tourism in Asia - I study tourism, I know how unethical most types of animal tourism is and I don't support it.

Take care!

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  1. I am so happy for you, that you can leave your place and have a little free time !!