Monday, October 12, 2015

Incoming Mail Week #41

Thanks to the big deadline on Sunday evening I didn't really concentrate on mail this week (except for those World Post Day postcards that were sent out - 95% were written that morning before post opened at 9am). And as it's Monday and I've already received the first postcards, especially the ones with the special stamp and postmark from Porvoo post office.. As a thank you to the postal system I'd like to damn the whole Finnish post to Hell. When there is a need, the postal machines and workers leave mail without the cancellation but when there is no need for that, sure, here's a machine cancellation as well! ALL 4 postcards I sent for myself with the special postmark have the machine cancellation as well and as I've been asking my Finnish friends/swappers how their cards arrived, they're telling theirs arrived in exact same condition. I sent a REAL angry email to the customer service, especially since this was a one day only postmark.. We'll see what happens..

this is how my postcards will be arriving. -__-

Incoming Postcrossing Postcards

Handmade card from India

Mucha greeting card from Netherlands

from France

from Germany
I actually bought this card when I visited Hamburg and a penpal has sent me a card of the same location! :)

from Ukraine

from Russia
Definitely my favourite Postcrossing postcard in a while!

Swap Postcards

from Japan

from Japan

from Japan
Soon I have all 10 Tangled/Rapunzel postcards from the Disney postcard set! :3

Belle and Boo from Netherlands

from Memi/Thailand
From a floating market in northern Thailand. MISS the country and the warmth so much :(

from Singapore

from Singapore

from Singapore
Seriously, I'm soon done with the Unversal Studios Singapore Minion postcards, I have the 2 last ones travelling to me now!! :)

AND she used the Singaporean ASEAN stamp! :3
Take care!!


  1. Cheeky question, i don’t suppose you’re looking for any more pen pals? I’ve always wanted a pen pal from Finland! xo

  2. Replies
    1. Yup! I already have a collection of 15 different Belle and Boo cards and one more is on its way<3 Just wish I could get the swap postcards written but no, deadlines on Thu and Fri kinda mess up my schedule.. And the fact that I can't fall asleep before 1-2am and still need to get up at 5am.. I have a feeling I won't be needing any makeup or costume for Halloween..........
      By the way, I still have 6 of your postcards with me and I'm going to Rovaniemi Oct 29th-Nov 3rd and they have two special cancellation mail boxes!! :3 will leave your postcards 3 to the Arctic Circle and 3 to a museum in the city! :)