Saturday, September 12, 2015

Incoming (+Outgoing) Mail Week 37

I only sent one package with a long(ish) letter to a Belgian penpal who had been waiting for my letter for ages, nothing else. Right now I'm catching up with postcards and letters (as I FINALLY feel okay - I've been more or less sick during this week, yet I've been to school on Tuesday and Thursday) so I have some outgoing mail next week! :)

After that I'm busy busy busy for the next 3-4 weeks due to term papers and workshops etc. :) Luckily this time the subjects are quite interesting and 10 pages is nothing! :) As long as I find good sources......


from Germany - self printed postcard but it's SO pretty!

from China

from Belarus - yet another double for my Fauna of Belarus collections.
So far I've only received one Flora of Belarus card!! :S

Instagram Swaps

surprise card from my favourite Thai IG swapper! :)

Special postal markings

Another special postal markings and the Thai version of the new ASEAN stamp
Still missing 9 others from other ASEAN countries ;DD

from my favourite Thai swapper :3

from Thailand 1/3

from Thailand 2/3

from Thailand 3/3
from China - sent in MAY! :O

from Finland - thank you card for the empty GF Finland I sent to her

from Singapore

from Netherlands
I don't even remember why she sent this, surprise card or....?

from Japan

from Japan

Postcard from Penpal

Lotte sent me a cute Tangled card after I told her I'd kill for it! :')


from Alex, Germany
LOVE the new Asterix stamps!! :D And my first ever notebook letter :)

The special postal mark on the other side of the envelope was great as well! :)

from Ivy, Hong KOng

Postcard Order
As I am a HUGE fan of the newer Disney movies (everything before 1990 sucks in my mind, yes, even the Little Mermaid *sorrynotsorry*) I just HAD to get the new box of 100 postcards since the Disney Renaissance until 2014! :D

So pretty :3 and it arrived on Wednesday when I stayed in bed all day.

The ones I HAVE to get to my own collections written and stamped (somehow - maybe swapping the exact same card with someone or getting help, I don't know!) Tangled!!!!!!!!!!! :3 Need to watch the movie again!

Outgoing letter to Lotte

Package (had to pay over 6€ more to mail it out), the notebook letter and Fazer chili-chocolate and milkshake Mentos

Take care!

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