Friday, September 4, 2015

Incoming Mail Mon-Thu Week #36

Spending Friday to Monday in Vaasa as my other grandma turns 70 and it takes HOURS to get there (loads of driving on Friday and Monday - BOOOOOOOOoo). So here's what I got this week :)

Instagram Swaps

from Singapore

the stamps and postal marks

from China

from Singapore

from Thailand
Wat Rong Khun, the White temple


from South Africa

from Ukraine

from Hong Kong
from USA

from China

from Turkey

from Japan
"The Rose of Versailles"

Postcard from Penpal

from German penpal travelling in Canada


from USA
LOVE those STASH teas and I got a new State Map for my collections! :D

from Germany

Take care!

ps. next to no incoming mail this week, just sent a GF Finland card in an envelope to another Finn needing one for her swap as well as 2 chain cards forward - to Hong Kong and Japan.


  1. wow, the top pcs are awesome >.<

  2. Such cute and lovely cards!!! Loved the ones from Hong Kong, Japan and Ukraine...