Sunday, August 30, 2015

Outgoing Mail Week #35

Instagram Swaps

GF for GF swap to Turkey
Bicycle maxicard to Netherlands, Strawberries to Japan and three others to Thailand

All 6 go to Memi in Thailand, a new swapper who found me a week or two ago and so far we've swapped over 10 postcards

Other Postcards

to Alex/Germany - a missing mail tag from my letter :)


I sent my very first chain card last week in a rush so I didn't have the time to scan the pretty cat card. The idea is to send it around to as many country as possible and collect stamps on the card - you send your cards and send forward all the cards you've received until you get your own card back. :) I didn't think I'd be able to join any as Finland has the problem that we only need one stamp to send out postcards and all the smaller stamps are either ugly (at least in my mind - 5, 10, 20 and 30 cent stamps aren't that great) or sold out ages ago (65-75 cent stamps, excluding our Christmas stamps for Christmas cards within Finland). BUT a Hong Kongese girl asked me to join her "cute stamps" chain card and I agreed that card travels: FI-HK-JP-IT-FI :)

And then on Sunday I got another request to join a chain card, this time from a Japanese woman I just swapped with. I agreed and this time the there is no theme, so whatever stamp is okay :) This card travels FI-JP-TW-PT-FI :)

Second chain card sent within a week :)

Take care!

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