Monday, August 24, 2015

LALALAB (former Polagram)

Ever since Jutta wrote on her blog about Printic and how she ordered polaroid-like pictures with that app, straight from her phone, I got interested in that idea.

A little after that post I actually downloaded Polagram as I didn't immediately find Printic on my tablet (Chinese tablet with Google Play), checked what kind of pictures I could order but as my first order would have been over 40€ (I went a bit crazy with it..), I closed the app and later on, when my tablet was complaining of insufficient space, I deleted it.

Now that I am slowly running out of polaroid pictures I took in Kuala Lumpur and Phuket (and polaroids cost ~1€ per picture + my stash of polaroid films isn't THAT big) I chose to try out, especially since I found a 5€ voucher.

I ordered some pictures (60 or so) on Thursday, got a notification that those were sent on Friday and I received those today. Based on the postal marking, the prints came from Germany.

The pictures were in these pretty pink envelopes, which were inside a big, flat, cardboard envelope

20+ different prints and 2-4 copies of each, to be added to letters and such.
Size: 10x12cm
I was bummed when I realized that the print is glossy and hard to write on (and only now noticed that you can put a text on the white part while you're ordering), but those are of great quality anyways. You can also order prints of your Facebook or Instagram pictures! :)

The price per print is 0,39€ and postage is 1,99€ - cheaper than buying a Polaroid camera and film and you'll get good pictures for sure :)
Jutta said that Printic doesn't have postage fees and that the prints cost as much. Don't know which is better as both have apparently good quality products and at least LALALAB's app is super easy to use! :)

Take care!


  1. Hei mahtavaa että sunkin kuvista tuli hyviä! :) En muuten edes tajunnut tuota omaa tekstiäni kirjoittaessa tarkistaa että saako Printciä android-laitteisiin, hups.. Mutta kiva että löysit vastaavan :>

    1. Joo, ainakaan ite en löytänyt Printiciä Androidille, mutta LALALAB oli ihan yhtä hyvä ja varmaan suunniteltukin Printicin vastaavaksi app:ksi Androidille, kun sieltäkin saa tilattua magneetteja yms :) Kokeilin nyt uudelleen millaisia kuvia tulisi FB:stä ladatuista niin sitten näkee kannattaako luottaa vain tabletin kameraan, kun se välillä heittää kuvat hieman rakeisiksi ja epäselviksi :)

  2. Great idea, I should try it out one day too :3

    1. Let me know when you want to try it and I can send you a 5€ voucher ;)

  3. Ooh, tää vois olla muuten aika kiva juttu! :D

    1. Eikö? :D Innostuin ja laitoin toisen n. 20€ tilauksen menemään omista FB kuvista niin niitäkin saa laitettua eikä kaikki ole vain tabletti laatua<3