Sunday, August 9, 2015

I'm actually alive!

And haven't forgotten the existence of this blog! :P
I've just had some real big set backs after my return to Finland - lost all contact to some of my relatives, lost the job, got a notice from school a WEEK before graduation that I have to take 3 extra classes for this and that reason during autumn (and I had applied for graduation almost a month beforehand - didn't let me know any earlier, thanks.).

So all in all - I'm still in school, looking for a part-time job, trying to awaken my motivation for anything really and having (for the first time ever) age-related crisis.

BUT. Summer hasn't been just one awful thing after another - I have written some letters, rekindled some old pen-friendships and met one of my idols - Doug Walker aka Nostalgia Critic. BUT, I would give anything to return to Thailand again.. I'd rather handle the drunken Finns and other European tourists in the small hotel I did my internship for, than return to school for 3 semi-interesting courses!!

Sorry for the lack of pictures but as I'm rather active on Instagram I take 95% of my pics with the tablet, which I'm too lazy to empty to my laptop and I will NEVER (again) use Blogger on the tablet. One awful try was enough :)

Sent these to a Thai IG user to be written and sent back to me (put on the stamps by myself as I STILL have a bunch of those!) and added a Finland card and 2 full and 2 not so full 3 baht stamp sheets as a thank you :)

Ordered a couple of letter pads via SSS for 2-3 months before I had to stop.
I absolutely love these papers and I've already used up the bottom left :)

Home is where my table is.
It's now a LOT messier than it was back then.

As I sent a "small" package(blog in Finnish) for my favourite blogger from Thailand, Mary sent me a sweet surprise after I got the shitty news from school.
And for the people wondering about "Kristiina" - it's my middle name, which I used for example in my wordpress blog and in Postcrossing :) (helps to sort out whether the card comes from Postcrossing or Instagram)  Lil' Kay comes from shortening and mashing Lily and Kristiina together ;)
Letter to Lisa
The Maleficent booklet came with the special Maleficent Thai stamps that are numbered - some like those have only 3000 sets printed or so I've heard

This is what I did with the booklet - still have 2 or 3 Disney booklets left :3

Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist
drawing on one of IG swap cards
from @kerorin27

some pretty stamps on IG swaps from Australia and the Philippines :)

One of my stamp hauls
I absolutely love the Tom of Finland stamps now.

For once we got such pretty 2nd class/economy stamps!
My furbaby.

Me spreading out if I have a chance to and yes, I can even write on the floor.

Letter to my dear Emma

Here are some sneak peeks to a note book letter (notebook ended up being too short so I added 5-6 A5 pages on top of that) I sent to Alexandra in Germany.
Sorry that the pictures are a bit blurry - those were taken during nights when I end up having the biggest inspiration, like updating my blog at 2am instead of going to bed! :D

The notebook I purchased from Suomalainen kirjakauppa before I flew to Thailand (it suffered a bit on the way)
How the 1st page looks like - been adding bunch of my Polaroid pictures with the letters as I HOARDED those cheap films from Thailand, thanks to the help of the hotel's manager who somehow understood my obsession over postcards, letters and everything cute :D

Maybe my favourite pages by decoration :)

Sorry, Blogger decided these should be published like this.

Alice in Wonderland!
ALMOST every two pages had their own themes :)

This was the only spread on the notebook with next to no text - except for the whole backside of the postcard and image descriptions next to the polaroids :)
And then to meeting Doug Walker.
I went to the convention kinda extempore - bought tickets for me and my brother (we're both fans) about a month before the convention (Animecon in Kuopio) and the hotel only about a week beforehand. We left on the Saturday morning (July 11th) (6.55 train from Kouvola to Kuopio) and visited the Moomin pancake café before heading to the convention waiting for Doug's panel. Met people and had fun - in the end I saw all his 3 programs - panel, Q&A and autograph session, got 2 different autographs from him and even a picture with him, which I've only published in Facebook because of my awful expression :D You can see that I'm happy but what on earth did I smoke beforehand?

On Saturday we were on row 6 or 7, on Sunday on row 2

Take care

Yearning to return soon...



  1. Ihana postaus täynnä kaikenlaista! Näitä on kiva lukea *peukku* :D

    1. Mukava kuulla :D
      Jos nyt seuraavista kirjeistä ja/taui kirjeprojekteista saisi kuvia ihan kamerallakin niin saisin varmasti useammin päiviteltyä blogia :D

  2. Nice blog post, I hope to read more frequently from you again :)

  3. You have a beautiful place to write letters! I recently started a blog lead with postcards and letters: and I am waiting for a letter from you :)

    1. Haha, thanks you :) Unfortunately it's a lot messier now than it was back when that picture was taken in.. June..? :) Oh and I immediately started following your new blog! :)

      I have your envelope and all extras ready, I just need to finish the letter, but until today this week has been really unproductive for me.. I haven't really done anything as I've felt too tired.. :( But I hope I get to finish it latest tomorrow and send it off soon! :)