Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Some of the last postcards from Thailand

While trying not to get too depressed and lonely I've been trying to get my school papers done in order to graduate (FINALLY) and write at least some letters and postcards. But as Thailand post can be a black hole now and then (no letters arrived to me) I don't trust it with my most treasured letters - I will send those from Finland where I will be in one week's time. Here are some postcards I've sent during this week.


to USA

to Russia

to Latvia

to Germany

to Finland

to Bulgaria

to Nepal (!!!!)
YES!! I got an address to Nepal and sent two cards in hopes that even one of those would arrive.

Postcard United

to Germany

to China

to Poland

to China
Prettiest cards in Phuket can be found from small shops in the old town of Phuket town!
Just a tip if anyone is heading this way :)

to Russia
Still have some Thai Maxicards to swap or send from Finland.

to Russia

to Czech Republic

to France, Bulgaria and Hungary
Greetings from card for Greetings from card sent from "original" country

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