Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Last Mails from Thailand


First of all, sorry for the really crappy quality.... Didn't notice it before I imported the pics to the laptop..

to Daria, Poland

to Kitty, Germany

to Josianne, France


to Australia

to Philippines

to South Africa
went for a day trip to three islands - Kai being one of those, on my second to last (full) day in Phuket :)

to Russia
Decided to save up the 6 free slots until I arrive to Finland, in order to be able to send out something when I arrive and not having to wait for 2-6 weeks for the other slots to open up. 5 cards until I get an extra slot :3


IG swap to Finland

IG swap to Japan x2, Germany x2, China, USA, Belgium and Singapore


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