Sunday, April 19, 2015

First Postcrossing Cards After Return

As I changed my address and changed my profile from inactive to active on April 9th, even though my return was on 14th, I was hoping I would have received more postcards but the first ones arrived on April 14th and apparently my address went to the address pool on April 11th! :O I had difference of 70+ cards so I should be receiving a bunch of postcards during the next week or two, depending if my address was mostly given to fast or slow countries :)

Expired cards

from China
Sent to Finland in Sept. 11th and arrived after I left to Thailand

from Russia
card to Thailand expired, sent another one to Finland :)

from Finland
card to Thailand expired, sent another one after he realized that I had returned to Finland and changed my address :)

New cards

from Finland
I LOVE Wreck-It Ralph :3

from Finland

from Finland

from Italy
My only "no"-wish is dogs and I get this :( And the ID is less than 500 000 so he could have easily sent me a view card!! :( (My wishes state that I want any kinds of view cards if the ID is smaller than XX-500 000)

from Germany
I want cat and sheep cards so this was a perfect mix! :3

from Germany
map card of Berlin

from Netherlands
smudged!!! ;;__;;

from Netherlands
Another Belle and Boo postcard to my collections! :3

from Latvia
New Mucha card!

from Japan

from Japan
thought that this would have been from Finland! :D

from Japan

from Japan



  1. So many pretty cards >.<
    Oh, and I often get cards that are on my anti-wishlist as well -.-
    I hate it!!

    1. That's why I have a LOOOOONG wishlist! :) And being inactive while still sending cards helps as well :) After you open it up again, you receive a BUNCH of cards!!
      I've done this twice now and maybe one fourth are AMAZING cards that fit my wishlist perfectly! <3 :3