Friday, April 17, 2015

First Outgoing Mail from Finland

Made it to Finland though the flight from Bangkok to Helsinki was awful! Some turbulence and I sat next to an old Finnish lady who wouldn't shut up, even though I said that I hadn't slept in over 30h and would love to sleep (or at least try). In the end I went nearly 48h without sleep and slept for 8h.. Now I'm okay and trying to finish the paper and get my mail in order :)


to Germany
wishes included lighthouses. Hope she won't mind a German postcard from Finland..

to China and France.
No wishes + wished for Greetings from.. cards

to Finland
Wanted cat cards

to India
Wished Frozen cards in an envelope

to Germany
Wished for Moomins

to Czech Republic
Wanted snow cards

to Netherlands
Wishes included Moomins and folded cards.

to Japan
Wanted city views/old buildings

to Taiwan
Wanted postcards of Aurora Borealis

to China
No wishes

to Czech Republic
Wishes included deers
to Austria
Wishes included funny cards and animals

Postcard United
to Hong Kong
Wanted Frozen cards

to Russia x2, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia

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