Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Last 2 Weeks Start NOW! Picture heavy.

I've been really quiet for the last (exactly) 3 months for various reasons..
Mail related post coming sooner or later.. Most likely during the night of April 13th-14th when I'll be spending the night at the Bangkok airport :S
One is that I've been busy with internship.. Other than that I've been too lazy to concentrate on blog as there is so much to do and see, I got to go to Malaysia in the end of January to renew visa as my "first one" expired then.. :) You only get max. 3 months long visas to Thailand if you're under 50 :D And I had visitors for a month! Mum came for a visit February 13th-27th, childhood friend February 25th-March 4th and Lisa March 6th-19th. Lots of people and almost no time to be alone :D It was hard at times as I've grown to be a total loner in here, but I did enjoy the great company :)

So, let's start from December and pics I took with Kifia..

We were quite lazy but we did visit Big Buddha and Wat Chalong on one of her first days in here :) Big Buddha is the protector of the island of Phuket, while Wat Chalong is the most important Buddhist temple (out of 27) in here :)

45-49m high!

We did too much shopping (at least for my budget) and loved to explore a bit if we weren't too lazy.. Sorry for partial crappy quality - some pics were taken by my tablet that doesn't know whether it likes me or not...

Cherry Blossom Margaritas

Patong Beach

Patong Beach - Back in December when we still had cloudy days

Jungceylon Shopping Mall's fountain area :)

Karon Beach

Baymax!! Spotted in Central Festival :3

Majolica Majorca make-up

Some film for the Polaroid I didn't buy before January

It was still rainy back then.. Now I'm lucky if the weather feels like +45...

With Kifia we had to check bags

Swensen's was a heaven :)

Christmas Eve

The temple in Patong Beach

And off to January it is!

It was more or less a disaster for me. I was all alone after Kifia had left back home and I had a bit of a crash down with everything.. I didn't feel like doing anything before Laura came to save me for a while in the middle of January before her flight back home after 4 months in Asia. Also the month when euro started REALLY weakening.. When I came you got 39-40 THB per one euro, currently the rates change between 34 and 35 THB every frigging day. Everything has gotten more expensive! :( But I did get to return to KLIA after 15 years and I still love Kuala Lumpur SO much :3

from KLIA to KLSentral
So much cleaner than it is in Phuket!
Getting ready to CNY
Year of the Goat!
Petronas Twin Towers!
On a better day :D
Went and checked the Aquarium
And Post Office!
Goats were EVERYWHERE!
MTs are from Daiso Japan :3
Something small from TYPO
Flew back and forth with Malaysia Airlines.
February comes then.. 

Mum gave me a 19h warning via Skype that she were coming and oh god I was about to have a heart attack!

Something I ordered from ebay for my Pink Instax Mini 8 (paid 50€ for that in Christmas/New Year sales)
Greetings from series got the Thailand version and I went crazy buying over 70 of these :) Still have 10-15 left :)
Coworker's cat had kittens (one of these has unfortunately died :( ) and I'm in LOVE with the kittens!
It's the durian season and I can't stand the smell. I feel like throwing up whenever I even SEE the fruit..
Though I did try it! Tastes better than the ice cream or how it smells but the taste lingers for hours...
Valentine's Day candies
Maistui aivan valkosuklaa-mansikka metrilakuilta!

Then came mum..

On my first day off we took a taxi to Karon Beach and walked from there to Kata and Kata noi beaches and back!

Kata Beach

Near this resort was a store that sells some used stamps. My mum took my purchases with her to Finland but if I remember correctly I bought at least used Pakistan and North Korean stamps :3

Finland!! :D Too bad the bar was closed ;)

Kata Noi - the prettiest beach!

And mum wanted to feed the fishies as she claimed that dad won't believe that she really wants to :)
She was screaming at first as ALL the fishes attacked her legs :D
We also went to the Big Buddha-Wat Chalong trip as mum wanted to see them.

Tuesday Buddha!
Everyone has a Buddha based on the day they were born on :) My and my brother's is Tuesday, mum is Monday and dad is Thursday :)

Wat Chalong has CNY market during the week of New Year :)

Cats! :D

As I haven't seen my own cat in 5 months now, I mentioned to mum that I wanted to go to Phuket Town to this cat cafe I had walked past on my visit to the place.. Too bad that was the place where I got my first food poisoning - from the ice cubes. I threw up every 15minutes for 7 hours that night......

It was the first day of the year of the goat :D

Temple in Phuket Town

Some colour in the middle of the old town

But the cat cafe was PERFECT!

B Cat Cafe next to the old town

Mostly Persians! :3

This one was our favourite :D

This was the one who wanted to cuddle the most :D

And after my food poisoning we went for a day trip to Krabi where I fell in love with snorkeling!

2h boat trip

Sea Beach


Chicken Island :D

The Chicken keeps watching you :D

And oh god how clear the water was!!!!

Stopped at Poda Island - more snorkeling for me, mum was tanning

After that I haven't apparently taken any pictures with my camera.....

March started with my friend being here for a week - we ate well, I worked, she went to the beach and took me with her a couple of times before I got the second food poisoning from mussels and had to skip a trip to Raya and Coral Islands.. She also visited the James Bond Island.

I had a couple of days on my own before Lisa came and got her late Christmas present and everything. Her Instagram and Blog post.

As I don't have any pics I chose to use a couple of hers:

My favourite hot pot place :D And as Lisa doesn't eat meat this was the safest choice on the first day
By Lisa
I also took her to "The Coffee Club" for breakfast :3
By Lisa

Now there's nothing but writing a paper about this experience, trying to survive the "feels like 47-51C" heat and writing as many letters and postcards as possible :)
If someone wants a random view postcard from Thailand (Phuket), you can contact me~ I have loads of cards and various stamps I need to get rid of in 2 weeks!!!

Take care everyone!!! :)


  1. Ooh, ihanan näköistä!! *__* Ymmärtää kyllä oikeesti tosi hyvin, minkä takia ei ole aikaa (tai innostusta) jäänyt blogin kirjoittamiselle! :D Ihania kaikki noi sun ostamat jutut ja kissakahvila varsinkin. Kaikki rakennukset näyttää tosi kauniilta. Nauti nyt viimeisistä kahdesta viikosta ihan täysillä! :)


    1. Täällä on kyl nättiä! Kun ei vaan olis näitä "feels like +50" päiviä, kuten nyt just ennen sadekauden alkua on.. Ja arvaa vaan kuka lähtee kotiin JUST ennen sadekautta :D Eli yhä vaa tulee lämpimämpiä päiviä :D Vielä olis suunnitelmissa ruskettua ja käydä snorklailee ennen ku joutuu palata kylmään Suomeen :D
      Mulla on TOSI paljon ostoksia mitä en oo kuvannukaa ja osan laitoin jo useammassa paketissa kotia päin, kun ei viiden kuukauden ostokset mahdu 23+8kg laukkuihin ;) Mutta Kuala Lumpur oli kyllä aika taivas kirjetarvikkeille<3 Useampia kirjepapereita ja lehtiöitä sai 1,25€ per setti :D Paperit saattaa olla hieman ohuempaa matskua, mutta hyvin pystyy kirjottaa molemmille puolille! :)
      Ja kiitos<3 Parhaani yritän! :)

  2. you are welcome to use my pics xD
    took you some time to upload *cough*
    Love you though xD

    1. I know.. I'm REALLY bad at updating when I have things to do (or want to be LAZY :D)
      But I try to be better from now on<3
      Thank you, love you too<3 :D