Wednesday, December 31, 2014


New Year, new plans and I'm so going to sleep through tomorrow :) Kifia left on Monday and so far it looks like I'll be alone until the middle of February when my childhood friend Nora will come, then comes my German penpal Lisa on March 5th-19th and after that my little brother when he's done with the army and I'll be flying back to Finland on April 14th, the 2nd day of Songkran :/

Had evening shift until 11pm and after that I walked home, took a chair to the balcony and started taking pics and videos :) Fireworks AND flying lanterns! New Year from my dreams! :3

But here's the winner of the giveaway:

CONGRATS MELISSA! :) Look out for my email ;)

Anyone making any snail mail related (or other) resolutions?
I swore I would write at least one postcard per day! :) Better if I write a letter, so at least 365 mail pieces leaving this year! :D

Take care, all the best and full mailboxes for 2015! :3


  1. Ei oo totta, en ole koskaan ennen voittanut missään blogiarvonnassa! :O Kiitos ja ihanaa uutta vuotta sulle! :) Ja tosi hienoja noi kuvat!

  2. Happy new year! :)
    Just got your postcard today, thanks a lot :) I've sent you one too, but this year I've sent out my christmas mail pretty late, so maybe yours is still travelling..