Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas in Thailand with my BFF, life in general and flooding my blog with pictures.

So yes, I'm alive even though it's rather hard to find time or energy to update the blog. I scan the Postcrossing postcards to another laptop than the one I use to update my blog and just TODAY I managed to write the first letter since I arrived to Thailand (in October 29th.......). Maybe I FINALLY start to grow tired of the whole idea that I'm living in Asia and that it's a dream come true.. I've grown tired of the comments on how lucky I am and just crave to get the first plane back home. Yes, I'm homesick and I REALLY miss my family. Skype just doesn't cut it......
My best friend will be here for 2 weeks to ease the pain and missing, especially since the last fellow intern is leaving in the end of the week. I'll be all alone from New Year forward.
Kifia arrived on Monday afternoon and managed to befriend my fellow intern immediately (no wonder as they are both so nice and great :)) and good for her, as I still need to work even though she is here :) But she did get her Christmas present yesterday so she should have something to play with. :P

One major reason why I'm kinda missing Finland is my skin. This fair skin, whiter than a Moomin in a snowstorm, burns easily and even though my arms are a bit toned my face is red as a tomato as I burn myself way too easily. This time the colour came from the beach as I was waiting with our belongings for one hour, while Kifia and Laura swam. I sat in the shade but STILL. I hate it.

But I managed to get SOME photos out of my tablet, which I've started to use as my camera (it's lighter than my actual camera) :)

Three mascots of the 4th Asian Beach Games in Phuket
Feeding the fishes
See my already a bit tanned skin? ;D

Some of the  postcards I've received to Thailand via Postcrossing.
And my toes

Instagram swaps from Netherlands and India

Other Postcrossing cards that arrived the same day. 31 or so cards during ONE day.

My white(ish) Rilakkuma bag and what I tend to carry (at least) within no matter where I go.
-Hello Kitty case is for my tablet
-iPod, Samsung Galaxy Y
-Sentimental Circus purse
Sentimental Circus letter pad
-one cute decorush I found from Big C
-two ballpoint pens (nowadays Stitch pencils)
-the Maze Runner
The speed is unbelievable and some people don't wear helmets! I would be SO scared!

Karon beach

Karon beach

the road between Phuket town and Patong Beach is a bit scary as the road is SO steep!!

It's not just beaches and big cities

Sometimes I'm afraid I'll get electrocuted if I walk near the power lines when it rains

Queen Sirikit Public Park

First time all alone in Phuket with everyone at least 20km away and of course I managed to trip.
I was SO sure I'd get some sort of bacterial infection via the small wound but nope, survived through it!

The temples are amazing

Phuket Town is a bit run down..
Especially the fancier buildings!

I had a FANCY hotel for two nights - 50€ in total including breakfast and everything in the minibar!

Just the hall area in the 3rd floor

Pictures of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Sino Imperial Phuket - my hotel

Inside my room!

Tunnelmavalaistus :D

halls were lit up after dark :)
mailbox! :3

Main Post Office in the whole of Phuket and Post&Telegraph Office (aka stamp museum)

old mailbox!

Ordered maxicards of these old mailboxes of Thailand :3

Phuket Old Town

Phuket town is FILLED with shrines and temples.

Entrance to the "Shrine of serene light"(?)

There are also these small shrines all over Phuket (most likely the whole Thailand)

Stamp haul from Phuket town. After this I started ordering my stamps online.

Bye Phuket Town!

Home sweet home and my wonderfully messy desk!

Went to eat sushi when Jojo (a Finnish friend I made thanks to cosplay) told me she had a short vacation from her job in Krabi and headed to Patong Beach with her coworker :)

Some Postcrossing cards I've sent (and my feet)

sushi and a fruit (most likely mango) shake from street vendors

A small celebration Breezer for Finland FINALLY legalizing same-sex marriage!!

zodiac stamps!!
Those who follow my Instagram also know I got a maxicard set of these!

New Year's stamps for international postcards (15B)

My parents finally sent me my Sailor Moon schedule book!
WHICH I ended up giving my best friend as I had already purchased the Starbucks one for myself :)

LOADS of stamps!

Decorations for Christmas
Wonder BEARYland in Jungceylon.

King's birthday and fathers' day was on December 5th :)

Lit up palm trees!

Some Christmas related swaps via Instagram

NONE in Finland but there are Orange, Cola Mix and Cherry here in Thailand!! 0,75€ per "bag"!
My new addiction :3

This is my dinner - Miso soup before the water :)

Snacks box I sent to my family for Christmas :)

Frozen and Stitch&Angel stamps :)

Sun sets can be really pretty...

Some more postcards from Postcrossing :)
That's All Folks! For now.....



  1. Voi vitsi, tosi pitkä ja kiva postaus!! Ja kaikki noi postimerkit on ihan super ihania :3

    1. Noi merkit kyl on :)
      Ja kun niitä vaan tulee ostettuu vaan enemmän ja enemmän...... :D

  2. can't wait to see these things when I come over in March >.<