Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thailand part 2.

Life's been interesting and I have been too tired (or lazy and busy with Skype/Facebook chats) to write letters or blog :) Been hunting for various postcards, stamps and what not. Apparently out of the 5 Finnish girls I'm the one experimenting with the food the most, trying whatever I can find :) And at nights I've had some problems sleeping as everyone I would like to chat with is online when it's 10pm-5am in here. And people light fireworks. EVERY NIGHT. At first I was sure that there were some bombings or gang fights every night but nope, fireworks! YAY! \(-__-)/

I have been walking around the beach but as it's the main tourist area I rather not go there for shopping purposes :) So most of the time I've been around Jungceylon mall and the fresh market/evening market next to it :)

the frigging roosters have awoken me MANY times D: And they can roam FREE!!! D:

Jungceylon - sitting at one of the cafes

Jungceylon - sitting at one of the cafes

Swensen's to be exact..

And I got L to go with me to try the durian ice cream.
Durian is known as the king of fruits in here (or stinky fruit, which it REALLY is).
This wasn't a pleasant experience as it tasted like sweet but over rotten onion ice cream!! SERIOUSLY!!
But I will eat something durian related when my friends come and visit me :D And maybe take some to Finland....

Mall built for tourists, haven't tried Baskin Robbins
Or gone to Starbucks or MacDonald's :DD
These are everywhere
Evening market offers variety of foods from insects to local soups and from clothes to bags
A small shrine(?) next to the area
Clothes stands

 So far I have tried various juice shakes (fresh fruit, water, ice (and sometimes some sugar) - blend it all and you have a fruit shake. Easy but SO delicious and only 0,5-1€ per 0,5l!! :D), alligator meat (tastes like chicken), grilled shrimps and octopus, Tom Yum Kung (local shrimp soup which is SPICY even though I asked to hold the spices) and various fruits I don't know names of. :) Yummy! 

First day at work and RAIN!! :( Heavy rain for the whole day. But the temperatures stayed around 27 :)
LOVE the Coca cola light cans :3
Postcrossing card to Czech Republic (took some postcards with me but only Moomins, Doctor Who and a couple of anime ones :))
Postcrossing card to Germany
Postcrossing card to Netherlands
Postcrossing card (Big Buddha) to Indonesia
Today was a hot and sunny day

Clouds appeared in the evening :)

Bought some local stamps yesterday as I was finally told where the Asia Books - store is located in here :)
15B stamps for postcards

Local 3B stamps - one sheet for an international postcard

Mountain collection stamps set for postcards

And some more 3B stamps :)

3D cards I found from Asia Books :) 89B ~2€ per card.
Tomorrow, November 6th, Thailand celebrates Loy Krathong, a festival of light. In northern Thailand they release floating lanterns to the sky (like in the 3D postcard. Guess who wishes she could go to Northern Thailand to play Rapunzel with all the lanterns tomorrow?? ;;__;;) and in Southern part of the country people craft krathongs (floating baskets) that are released to the rivers. I hope that in Phuket we would have floating lanterns as there are no rivers where I'm at :) Luckily I have a day off and I will go and see the whole thing (if something happens in here) with L :) Happy to have at least someone with me who's as interested in trying new foods and experiencing local festivals :)


Some other things I've learned
1) While feet are the filthiest part of the body and pointing something or showing the bottom of your foot is the WORST offend in here (guess what me and my best friend did in Skype, this is how mature some "adults" are, worse than teenagers :D), the head is the holiest. You shouldn't touch anyone's head as that is where the soul is located and upon touch it might escape and leave the body soulless.
2) Thai people get REAL friendly REALLY quickly! I have bought all my fruits from this one exact seller as her coconuts are the cheapest (and she and her daughter are SO nice!) and just yesterday the owner got next to me, put her hand against mine and started comparing our skin colours. I'm a Finn so I appreciate my own space and don't really like unknown people touching me or getting so close but it's a cultural thing and I understand that in here it's normal.
3) Thai people (not all) might tell your secret forward "by accident" - not on purpose but it just comes out. This had happened to a friend of a friend a couple of times with different people :( And it wasn't by purpose. Finns usually tend to keep secrets of their closest friends (at least I do).
4) Something goes wrong = panic! I was shopping and there was some problem with the receipt. The cashier walked around for a while asking from fellow cashiers what this and that meant and finally had to call the manager to check it out (apparently there wasn't anything wrong but there was something wrong in the receipt. Today I went to a Japanese restaurant and ordered 4 onigiris as Take away. I waited for 10 minutes and got 3. I said to the waiter that I had ordered 4 and BOOM. There were 4 people going through my receipt looking and checking, nodding and the waitress brought me a free green tea ice tea as an apology as I had to wait a couple of minutes more.
5) No fast food in here, everything takes time. This teaches every foreigner, especially European some patience. Hope I will be laid back when I return :D A while back one of the Finnish girls I work with went to the closest café to get some coffee. The cashier had to go and wake someone up to make the coffee and once they said that it will take 10-15 minutes as they need to go and buy some milk :D
6) You need a shirt that says "No Taxi, No Tuk Tuk, No Russian(also Swedish if you don't speak the language), No tailor etc." Everyone tries to stop you, even when you walk past them at least 4 times a day! The tuk tuk/motorcycle taxis try to offer me a ride whenever I leave my apartment!
7) Yes, westerners look the same to Asian as Asians look to westerners. I was walking with a fellow worker a couple of days ago and a friendly boss of the taxis looked at us and asked if we were sisters or twins. We look nothing alike, apart from having light skin that burns way too easily :)


  1. En voinu ku revetä tolle hulabaloolle minkä joku "ongelma" aiheuttaa :''''D (toi kohta 4) Tulee vaa mielee oma Ranskan reissu ku tarjoilijat keskenää panikoi, et kuka tulee tarjoilee englanniksi ku ei osattu ranskaa.

    1. JOO! Ku se on kuin maailmanloppu jos kaikki ei mee sujuvasti ja täydellisesti.. Sain kanssa yhen tavaran ilmaiseks kaupasta kun se myyjä luuli sen olevan ton seuraavan asiakkaan, vaikka sen jälkeen oli selkeä "seuraava asiakas" kyltti :D Jos ei mee ekalla kerralla nappiin niin tulee paniikki ja maailman valtavin ongelma :DD Veikkaan että täälläkin on ongelmana kuka tarjoilee englanniks "farang"ille :D Mutta ne osaa onneks edes vähän rikkinäistä englantia niin niitä ymmärtää ihan ok :)

  2. Toi kuva noista "Näitä on kaikkialla" ni, ne on temppeleitä hengille :DDD
    Also et oo vielä oppinut että keisari perheen häpäiseminen on se pahimmista pahin, jos en väärin muista niin siitä joutuu ainakin vankilaan :DD
    ps. oota vaan kun saat ekat rakkauden tunnustukset joltain tailorilta, niin mulle kävi jo tokan illan aikana ;DD

    1. Jotain Buddhalaisuuteen yms. henkiin aattelin niitten liittyvänki, ku niitten edessä on kuitenkin noita uhrilahjoja :D
      Haha :D Luulis sen olevan aika perus ja kaikkien tänne tulevien tiedostavan sen :D Toisaalta en oo vielä maininnu bensasta, sähköjohdoista tai vessoistakaan mitää ;D
      Ei oo tullu mitää rakkauden tunnustuksia, mutta taas uus "ou mai gaad!! tilaus meni väärin!! mitä mä teen mitä mä teen!!"- kohtaus tarjoilijalla kun kävin Minnan kanssa siinä japanilaisessa mistä oon hakenu jo kahteen kertaan onigirejä :D Rakkauden tunnustuksia ei oo vielä tullu, mutta eiköhä ne humalaiset irkut rakastu muhunkin kun ne jo Jenniä nii rakastaa :D

  3. Also tarvisit uuden bannerin ja layoutin :D
    Mua vähän ahdistaa joka kerta kun käyn täällä ;DD (Ei sen puoleen, mäkin tarttisin ite uudet :DD)

    1. Voit ihan hyvin tehä toisen bannerin ja layoutin jos sulla on aikaa ;DD

  4. Those stamps are SO pretty O.O want them >,<

    1. Haha :D Yeah, but I haven't found that much variety as I only get those exact stamps no matter how I ask or search for others :)