Sunday, November 2, 2014

Snacks, finds and some postcards

Been shopping a lot and sleeping badly (too much to talk to my family and friends in the evening (+5 hours is a real drag D: One reason I've gone to bed around 2 or 3am).. More about the days tomorrow, after my first shift :)
Oh and to my penpals, I'm willing to send postcards and maybe even some snacks via mail ;)

Chips that taste like squid (not tried yet) and seaweed (haven't tried)
Plum sweets (....okay) and some Japanese sweets I loved.

Custard/Sugar Apple (Soursop) I bought without knowing how to open or eat it :D It's.... okay?
Looks rotten but it isn't!

My new bag:3 Love strawberries :DD
Using it to carry stuff between home and work/beach :D

Some stuff I bought today
SAPPE Beauti drink (tastes like grapes)
Two drinks I bought because of their looks
Some lobster chips :D

And of course Melonmilk!! LOVE the selection of Japanese snacks and foods we have in here :3

Some illustrated postcards

two maps I've found

And rest are like these :) SO PRETTY!!!! (and only 15B (less than 0,5€) per card!)

Stich and Angel file holder for letter stuff (80B ~2€)
and Winnie Pooh, Rilakkuma and Stich papers 18B per set

Postcrossing card to USA (can't change it to be sideways -__-)

Postcrossing card to Finland

Postcrossing card to UK



  1. Replies
    1. It definitely is<3 Even 7-eleven has some papers and envelopes, depending on the store of course :D But I bet the bigger cities/places have better and bigger selection :D Especially on postcards :D

  2. ihania ostoksia oot tehny! :) noi maisemakortit on mahtavia! :) ♡

    1. Kun oli aikaa nii sitä kävi kaikki kaupat läpi ja osti tarvittavaa ja turhaa :D
      Kaikki kortit täällä on suunnilleen tollasia<3 :3

  3. lucky you >.<
    can't wait for my card to arrive :D

    1. Really hope it will arrive SOON! :) Because my postcard to Netherlands took 9 days (Postcrossing, registered last night :/)