Friday, November 7, 2014

Loy Krathong

Yesterday, November 6th, Thailand (and parts of Burma and Laos) celebrated Loy Krathong, a festival of lights. In the northern parts people have mixed the celebration with "Yi Peng" festival so they make and release lanterns to the sky, while here in South people make krathongs ("floating baskets") that they release in the rivers or the sea. The krathong is a sacrifice for the Sea Goddess Phra Mae Khongkha and is thought to bring good luck as people let go of their hatred and negative thoughts. It is traditionally made out of banana trunk (the base) and on top of that people build a beautiful "basket" with banana leaves, candles, flowers, incense sticks or even bread to feed the fish :) It is celebrated on the full moon of the 12th Thai month (2013 - Nov. 17th, 2014 - Nov. 6th, 2015 - Nov. 25th)

I was supposed to go with Laura but as she got sick I made another plans with Minna and we went to the beach around 7pm. I was a bit sad that there were no lanterns as I would have LOVED to see those! Luckily a nice Thai girl I've been chatting via Instagram told me that there are some lanterns released in the north even during New Year so I might have another chance to imagine I'm in the world of Tangled ;)

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Anyhow, when we got to the beach it wasn't as packed as I expected it would be and there was only tens of people releasing their krathongs to the water. We walked and looked around for a while.

the stage when we got to the area

lots of tourists :)
Some local singing and dancing

the stage later on

We walked around and as krathongs were EVERYWHERE we stopped at one stand, looked at each other and decided to buy ourselves some good luck for the "upcoming" year :) It was rising tide so the waves were rather high and many krathongs had  drifted back to the beach. We were offered by a local man for him to take our baskets further away as it brings better luck or something but we decided to do it by ourselves as it might be the only time we experience the festival.

Our baskets for 50B :)

Mine :)

Minna was lucky that she had shorts so she didn't get all wet but guess who had capris? :D I went almost waist deep in the water to release my basket but I bet it fell over by the next tide :D It was still fun! :D

the beach :)

We had walked a bit further away from the main stage so we got rid of the masses and enjoyed the nearly empty beach :) The water and sea breeze were almost hot!
Then a little while after they started a 5 minute fireworks show :)

After that we walked through the Bangla Road and were offered many Ping Pong Shows. I seriously had NO idea what those were and when Minna explained to me she might have thought what a naive little world I have lived in. For those who don't know what those are, let's just say that they are located in strip clubs and sound DISGUSTING.

FULL of people.

Finlandia and Kevin! :D

After we managed to dodge all the people trying to sell us drinks, some merchandise and tickets to ping pong shows we decided to try this Japanese restaurant I've fallen in love with. The food wasn't as great as I expected so a bit of a let down.. And the prices were a bit lower than in Finland but still, compared to other restaurants I've been in Thailand this one was rather expensive.

The cocktail glass was shaped like a curvy woman.
And I ordered a cocktail but just basically got vodka with some colour...

Avocado (YUMMY!) and raw oyster sushis (NEVER made a bigger mistake).


  1. oyster sushi :D Whattaaa :D Eiks ollu hyvää?

    1. Ei ainakaan mun makuun :D Vaikka napsinkin limeä sen jälkeen ja aikana.. Mutta kokemus sekin :D