Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Life in Thailand is NORMAL.

After Loy Krathong nothing much has happened.. A couple of other interns were causing drama (well, one and the other one just didn't seem to like me) and they were gone after 2 weeks and I have been mostly stuck in Patong Beach as I'm in a way scared to leave the place and have only managed to do that thanks to Minna dragging me to Karon Beach for a FAB breakfast (5 things from the LONG list +tea/coffee for 120b (3€!!) and after that 35b per piece - I took pancakes with honey, banana shake, toast with marmalade, yoghurt and a baked toast with lots of cheese, FOR 3€.) and after I booked a 2 night stay in the other side of the island a week before.

Unfortunately there aren't that many pics available as I bought a tablet (which I swore I would NEVER do as people who take pictures with tablets (like me now) look like idiots no matter where they are). But who could resist? After all I was battling between a new phone or a tablet and Laura had been talking about a tablet ever since I arrived here (NEARLY A MONTH AGO!).. During a morning shift on Nov. 19th I was talking with Laura and browsing a magazine of electronics that our manager had received the day before. I went between the tablets and phones, then Laura mentioned that some tablets she had seen were only 5000b (~125€) and I decided that I HAD to get one. Walked to Big C after the shift, saw i-mobile's i-tab fun and bought it (brother had told me about what kind of core it should have, nice to have a brother who knows about these things). So happy with it :3

Then on November 23rd-25th I had a 2 nights long trip to Phuket town. I knew that it wasn't a tourist destination for longer than a day (for a ride/walk through the old town or for a visit to the weekend market) but GOD! I didn't know it was that dead! Sure, there was life and lots of traffic but I couldn't find a proper restaurant. I got into those tuk tuk scams (promise to take you somewhere, speak good English and offer low prices just to take you to the gem/jewellery shop where they're having a "sale" today when in reality they sell fake jewellery or gems for crazy high prices). In my case they promised to take me to the weekend market (they didn't know that I had the map with me and knew at all time that we were heading for the wrong direction), they stopped at a store with BLACK windows that had huge "SALE" stickers on the windows. At first I refused to get off the tuk tuk but eventually got inside the store. The clerk came to me immediately and asked where I was from. In a state of slight panic I said Sweden as I didn't want to tell the truth to someone like her. She replied knowing what a beautiful country Sweden is and showed me jewellery which I didn't buy as "every female relative and friend died in a huge volcanic eruption that happened in Sweden recently, oh jewellery just brings sad memories" - there are no volcanoes in Sweden but bet she didn't even know where Sweden is. I managed to leave after 10 minutes, the tuk tuk drivers dropped me off at a Robinson shopping mall (~800m from my hotel) and claimed that the weekend market was there. I paid the 50b and got rid of them. This left a really shitty taste in my mouth that I didn't trust anyone who tried to talk to me on the streets after that, especially another tuk tuk driver offering me a tour around Phuket town for 100b when I clearly stated many times that I wanted to walk, wander and maybe find something nice accidentally!
I practically survived with the hotel breakfast and whatever I managed to buy from 7-eleven or Family mart. Luckily the hotel was real fancy (25€ per night) and even though I suffered from migraine the next day/yesterday I managed to feel okay thanks to the soft bed, the perfect pillows and heavenly air conditioning. I stayed at Sino Imperial Phuket and REALLY recommend it if you end up in Phuket town for some reason (aquarium, small stamp museum, trickeye museum, millions of massage parlors/spas or because you want to go there for some strange reason).

There have been rains, thunderstorms, loads of shopping, working and now, annoying Finnish tourists. Yes, I know that every hotel in here has idiotic Finns but seriously, how can you keep your cool when a man OLDER than your father comes to you when you're working, leans as close to you as possible even though there is a counter between you and nearly whispers "daddy's going to pee now". Luckily I have a mean resting bitch face and he got the hint FAST even though he was drunk. Can I just hit someone or something? These people are getting worse and worse!

But to the pictures I did take with my camera before I got my tablet (and am too lazy and tired, it's 1am over here, to transfer from the tablet to laptop) :)

Lots of new books even though the prices are about the same as in Finland for English books

Foggy and rainy morning

Sun sets around 6pm

LIGHTNING! The thunderstorms in here are silent but the lightnings lit up the whole sky!

The 4th Asian Beach games were held in Phuket!
Combats were held in Patong :)

And the beach is as popular as ever

I had a visitor a couple of weeks back :) Gecko!

I find these EVERYWHERE after the sun goes down :)

More books because I can't leave Asia Books without buying something.

Also into Starbucks now and HAD to load up a card with 2500b (~65€) because I wanted the adorable planner. And this way I don't have to worry about money for a while when I go to Starbucks for the air conditioning and writing postcards :)

These guys are CRAZY popular in here! Had to get a figure when I saw one :3

And how could I say no to Ciel? LOVE Kuroshitsuji though I still have only seen the first episode of the new anime about the Circus Arc, FINALLY!!!! (Cosplayed Doll back in 2013 and 2011 Desucon and hey, "she's" even in my banner!)
Might try to upload some pics tomorrow if I'm not sleeping too long as I'll be meeting Jojo as she's currently working in Thailand as well :3 And going bowling after that :D



  1. Oi vitsi mitä lomakuvia <3 Vähänkö tekis mieli johonkin aurinkoiseen ja lämpimään paikkaan lekottelemaan täältä marraskuun pimeydestä :D

    1. Ei tää kyllä miltään lomalta enää tunnu, kun on päässy työharjottelun kanssa ihan perus päivärytmiin.. Nukut, syöt ja oot töissä samalla kun kiroat kuinka kuuman kostea on ja kuinka tuuletin ei huuda tarpeeksi kovalla :) Vaapaatkin on ripoteltu ympäri viikkoa niin peräkkäisiä päiviä ei enää tule :(

    2. Voi höh :( Arkinen pakerrus noissa lämpötiloissa ei kyllä varmasti oo mitään herkkua :D Suomessakin on niin tuskasta tehdä mitään kesähelteillä :D

    3. Ei todellakaan! Eilen oli iltavuoro ja koko aamu meni kämpillä ilmastoinnin alla. Tänään taas on vapaapäivä ja meno on ollut samaa kuin eilen, lukuunottamatta pakottavaa vierailua pesulaan :)