Monday, October 13, 2014

Small Update

Life's been busy working like a full-timer (though I've been a part-time worker since May) and it ended last night. Will totally miss the job even though there were horrible and annoying customers from time to time and I didn't like all of my co-workers but the overall atmosphere was amazing and people were amazing :)

I also had some problems getting all of the needed documents for the visa. But after 2 months of battling I FINALLY got the visa on October 2nd :) And everything else has been taken care of as well :) The flight leaves around 2pm on October 29th so I have a little over 2 weeks time before that.

During that time I try to finish my thesis (OOPS?), write letters (I'm terribly behind on those D:) and pack up everything. Think I can do that all? I personally doubt it but I will do my best (and try to get back to blogging when I've settled down in Phuket) :) Until then you can find me in Instagram, updating maybe once a day if not more often :)

Oh, and if my penpals are reading this make sure to email me in November asking me about my address in Thailand! Those pals, that I have as Facebook friends will get a message from me the moment I get one :)

Back to writing and cleaning~ :)

~Lily (Lilylilkay)


  1. Cool :) Almost time then to go to Thailand. :) Hope it will all go well still with preparing for the trip and the thesis..and I hope you'll have a great time in Thailand. :)

    Which e-mail addy do you want us to e-mail you at? The one you've given here in your blog?

    1. Thanks! :) I also hope everything goes well but I've mostly been sleeping after I quit :) Been just SO tired and haven't even written anything :( Luckily everything changes during weekend as I need to be social :D

      Email to the one in here :D Easier to have all of the address asking emails in one email and I don't have to go through school and other emails for those :) But so far I've learned that there are 3 post offices near where I live (one ~200m from work) and if I can't get a Post Box I can use Post Restante so I can receive some mail no matter what<3 :D

    2. Cool. :) It will surely be great to be there in Thailand, a different country and language. :) Lots of new experiences. :)

      Ok, I'll e-mail to that one here. :)
      Great that you'll be able to receive mail there too. :)
      I wish I had an instagram account too, so that i could comment on your pictures over there, but it seems you can only have an account there if you have a smartphone or so...