Friday, October 31, 2014

Greetings from Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand!!

I made it here! After 23 hours (more like 24 as the last flight was late) of travelling, 2 connecting flights and an hour in the immigration I made it to Thailand!! :D Okay, I made it here yesterday evening but only used Facebook and skyped with daddy after visiting my internship place to hear that my job starts on 3rd of November (Monday) and got some tips from the two Finnish girls that were sitting in the reception :) Oh and went shopping for something to eat or drink. Mum made me swear that I won't return as a fat ass but after seeing all the Japanese and Asian sweets and drinks I might break that promise unless I start training like HELL!

8am, Patong beach. View from my balcony.

could see only the lights last night :D
And here's a small story of my flights that I sent to my 2 friends:
Helsinki-Vantaa was weird, I didn't cry even though I said bye to my parents.. It was just full of waiting in line and I got sushi!! :DD

Finnair flight Helsinki-London was okay, I sat in 10C? Rather front and on an aisle seat (had to get out FAST) BUT the guy who sat in the middle hogged ALL the space -__- It was a little late and the salad they offered was horrible

Heathrow is BIG! Never been there before and I was practically running around not knowing what to do! Got to the connecting area just to hear that a Hong Kong flight by Cathay Pacific was cancelled. Cried a LOT while waiting to check myself in and to my luck it was the earlier flight that had been fully booked and that MY flight was actually still leaving, me and my luggage with it! SO, I had like 2 hours time there, I went to get a bottle of water, some sweets and more sushi :) Oh and I met Finns before taking off, they were supposed to be on the first flight but were transferred to mine, they were going to Phuket, Manila and Australia. They flew there with the same Finnair flight :)

Cathay's flight was HELL. Seriously, actual hell. I had window seat and next to me sat an adorable Japanese grandmother. She spoke lousy English and I spoke a little bit of Japanese. She showed me pictures of her grandchildren and own children and talked quite a lot, of which I maybe understood one tenth.. The plane was HUGE!! and they had a posh class between first and economy! I WILL FLIGHT ON FIRST CLASS ONE OF THESE DAYS!!! So, my tv broke half way through (flight was (Finnish time) 8pm-8am) and the plane was darkened until 2 hours before landing. I slept for maybe an hour so you can just imagine my hell... But Russia was amazingly lighted up during the night, ESPECIALLY MOSCOW!! It was AMAZING!! Everything hurt and felt as if I was totally swollen after the flight.. The serving was okay, food wasn't that great. For dinner I got some rice, chicken with mushrooms, bean salad, ice cream and a bread. And on breakfast it was scrambled eggs, sausage and such, fruit salad and a bread..

The landing was amazing! I REALLY want to go to Hong Kong!! It's SURROUNDED by these HIGH hills/mountains and it looked AMAZING!! I still had same clothes I had had when I left Finland (jobbing pants, long sleeved shirt for autumn/winter) and surprise, surprise it was cloudy but already +29!!! Had a short stop and connection in there with 2 Finnish men around my dad's age.

In the last flight (45mins late) I sat in the same row with these Finnish men and had fun :) Many drinks (nothing alcoholic yet), actual food (and this flight was only 3 hours!!) I chose some Chinese thing: melon salad, Chinese dumplings and their "lihapiirakka" (a type of meat bread/pie with meat in it). Landing was AMAZING!! Sun was setting and I saw the paradise from the window. Google Phuket and those pictures are pretty much what I saw from the air :) It was amazing!!

Then 1 hour lining for the immigration (I have visa until Jan 27th, then have to go get a new one) and to my friends' taxi that took me to my apartment first (the taxi driver didn't know ANYTHING). He made calls and after and hour of driving I arrived and got my room.

Took my stuff to my 6th floor apartment, changed clothes and walked 500m to my job to ask for the shifts and met 2 other interns They told me some tips and I went to 7/11 to buy somethings just to realize I had forgotten toilet paper when I got back :D And I have no trashbin or bags! Need to go hunting for those!! And it's only like 9am and stores open around 11am (the BIG stores) and are open until 10pm!!

And last evening I also nearly stepped on two cicadas (or cockroaches, don't know which ones those were) and bought everything but water that I went shopping for..

Slept for 8 hours turning air conditioning on and off (too hot when it's off, too cold when it's on - it's still rainy season in here with degrees over +30C so it's hot and humid as hell :D) and woke up for the first time around 4.30am (time difference to Finland is +5 hours during winter, +4 during summer) thanks to a frigging rooster that is still making noise after 9am. D:

But need to go and look for a breakfast and toilet paper :D


Friday, October 24, 2014

Life, New Stamps and only 5 more days until I leave :(

Been busy for the last "2 weeks" after I "quit" my job. First I slept and played videogames like a mad man  (No PS2 or PSP with me in Thailand :(), visited Fankikitsune in Lahti, got a new luggage during the same weekend (it's so pretty!! Click *HERE* :3), bought Fankikitsune's old camera (*click*) and this week.. Umm.. I have slept, woke up around 6am every morning even if I went to bed around 2am, watched Netflix, wrote letters and postcards, played with my camera and sorted out the last paperworks :) Now all I need is sunscreen and time/energy to pack :) Tomorrow I'll probably see the last people (apart from family) before I leave as I'll be going to get a coffee with my childhood friend and then eat out with ~10 coworkers :) And on Monday I'll return some last books to school and cry over the fact that I'll be leaving so soon.. Sure, I'm happy to escape the cold but people and my furbaby are left behind ;;__;; And so is my Sailor Moon schedule book from J-List unless it arrives on Monday or Tuesday :(

Anyhow, here are some pics during this week as I've been playing with my camera and learning to use it :)

my baby ;;__;;

Postcard from Lisa

Postcard from Kifia and EARLY Christmas present from Lisa

Special cancellation and stamp from Arctic Circle, Santa's post office ;;__;; LOVE IT!

Present from Lisa, I bought the mascara and powder (made her go look for those xD and only paid 8€ in total!! Love the prices in Germany.) 4 different teas NOT available in Finland, Rapunzel figure for Disney Infinity (I don't have it but now I have a reason to purchase ;D), Rubintrot/Rubyred movie and Belle & Boo mug!! ;;__;; LOVE everything I got!

and a Frozen letter to Emma
When my desk was cleanER.. Checking Billboard Hot 100 ;)

I think it was snowing (or hailing) a bit on Tuesday..

This morning :3
The most important things to pack. Don't think I will learn Thai but I'll at least TRY to learn..
And to the new stamps that were published yesterday but I only received today because our mail lady doesn't like me or my mail anymore :( Even Lisa's present and Kifia's postcard took AGES to arrive :(

Christmas stamps, International and national :)

Arjen Muutos stamps.. Part of the many stamp sets published before our 100th year of independence in 2017

And 10 bridges!! The middle-left (I THINK) one is from Porvoo :3 Sikosaaren silta :3

Monday, October 13, 2014

Small Update

Life's been busy working like a full-timer (though I've been a part-time worker since May) and it ended last night. Will totally miss the job even though there were horrible and annoying customers from time to time and I didn't like all of my co-workers but the overall atmosphere was amazing and people were amazing :)

I also had some problems getting all of the needed documents for the visa. But after 2 months of battling I FINALLY got the visa on October 2nd :) And everything else has been taken care of as well :) The flight leaves around 2pm on October 29th so I have a little over 2 weeks time before that.

During that time I try to finish my thesis (OOPS?), write letters (I'm terribly behind on those D:) and pack up everything. Think I can do that all? I personally doubt it but I will do my best (and try to get back to blogging when I've settled down in Phuket) :) Until then you can find me in Instagram, updating maybe once a day if not more often :)

Oh, and if my penpals are reading this make sure to email me in November asking me about my address in Thailand! Those pals, that I have as Facebook friends will get a message from me the moment I get one :)

Back to writing and cleaning~ :)

~Lily (Lilylilkay)