Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Outgoing Postcards


my FAVOURITE Doctor Who card to Czech Republic
The recipient LOVED it and wrote a really long and adorable thank you message :3

to Germany
she had "butterflies" in her wishlist

to Netherlands
She wanted to receive cat cards :)

to Germany
from his "favourites - want to receive" folder! :) YAY!

to Singapore
wanted cards of Hello Kitty and cats

to Netherlands
she wanted reindeer cards

2nd card to Germany
no wishes

to Germany
wanted wild animals

to Japan
she loves dancing and only had dance cards in her favourites

to Spain

to Germany
cards unwritten in envelopes+no wishes - nope. Here's a written card.

to Germany
wanted pin-up cards

to USA
wanted cards of my home city - no cards of the place, here's a card of Helsinki

to Netherlands
food + old cards

to Ukraine
asked for animal cards and LOVES Postcrossing

to Estonia
wanted funny and colourful cards

to Malaysia
wanted Moomin cards from Finland :)

to Switzerland
wanted city cards :)

to Germany
no wishes
Swaps and such

to Germany

to Russia
got a BUNCH of Vampire Knight cards - available for swap :)

to Lisa


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  1. Hello Lily,
    I found your blog by coincidence and I'm loving it :)) I also have a blog about my snail mail, and I wonder if you don't mind to check it out (
    Keep up the good work.