Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Just Happened

I'm all alone at home enjoying one of my days off while stressing over the apartment during my stay in Phuket. I already sent a couple of emails and am trying to book one really nice place (small place with my own toilet and BALCONY!). Will get a panic attack if I can't book it in advance :(

I've ordered 3 packages from ebay during July and I just got excited as 2 of those arrived to Finland yesterday and the day after that.

Then I walked downstairs to get some tea and saw a post man drive to our front yard.
My reaction:

Come give it to me! No I'm not THAT excited....

The postman got out of the car and asked whether my dad lived here.
New reaction:

Yeah, sure.....

And my 2 packages are stuck somewhere in Helsinki

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