Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm Not Dead, Just Floating~

No, I'm not dead (even though at times I do feel like a zombie). Life has just kept me busy and tired and all my energy has been targeted at working my ass off at my part-time job to get enough money for the next winter. I've been working for nearly 4 weeks now and I love my co-workers when we're not having extremely busy day and everyone is stressed :) I've stayed to do some overwork and such but no, I'm not complaining :) Salary comes tomorrow and I'm SO happy about it :)

And what on earth am I saving up for?
Well.. The day after (or to be exact the morning after) I came from Germany - May 13th - I got a call from one of the places I sent a message asking about internship and they offered me one :) The dates aren't yet set as I can't apply for the visa yet and I haven't gotten the flight tickets but..


I got an internship from Thailand around their main tourist season, from November to March and I couldn't be happier :) When I started studying tourism I had small plans that I would do my internship in England, Turkey or Thailand, but Thailand grew more and more interesting and now I'm going there :) Can't believe I will be spending nearly half a year in Asia and I've already made plans with my old Vietnamese flatmate that we'd meet up as well as looked at flight rates from Thailand to countries around it :) So far it looks like I'll make at least 2-3 trips whenever I can :3 So far high on the list are Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam :3

I've been excited as hell (whenever work hasn't made me spend my day offs under the blankets trying to get rid of the tiredness) and due to everything I haven't managed to write anything - my blog, letters, postcards - ANYTHING.. Luckily I will spend the Midsummer away from all electronics so I might manage to write a couple of letters as well as read books :)

Last week I read first two books of Kerstin Gier's Ruby Red Trilogy (in Finnish, found those in a library by accident) and just as I wanted to pick up the last one - BOOM. Not translated into Finnish yet (coming in August).

these pretties were SO great to read :3
Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue
And on top of that I visited Porvoo Market in May - Porvoo has HUGE market twice a year - in Spring and in Autumn and, once again, I went there to buy some postcards :)

Moomin cards - 0,5€ per card :3

more Moomins

And expensive greeting cards with reflectors/magnets :)
Got those with a little cheaper price but it still will be expensive to send those :)
And as my mum had already told everyone that I'd never graduate as I didn't get an internship for the last winter (and my thesis still needs some small corrections) and suddenly I got the place from Thailand of all places she got me something :) She was terribly sorry and bought me some unused stamps from a flea market in Porvoo where this one guy sells a LOT of unused stamps from 1990-2012 :3

Eurovision stamps from when Lordi won, two sheets of those WONDERFUL cat stamps I haven't seen before yet hunted like a mad man when those came and dog stamps from 1997-1998

the doggies :)

And two old Moomin stamp sheets :)

And the stamps :)

Happy with what I got but even more happy when I hear what my penpals will think when they get some older and (now) rarer stamps from me :3

But I need to get ready for my shift~ :)
Will try to post something mail related as soon as possible! ^^



  1. Apua nuo Muumi-merkit ;_; Melkoisia aarteita!!

    1. Ne on kyllä<3 Oli pakko saada heti ku huomasin että ne oli 1.luokan merkkejä :)

  2. Voi että mitä ihanuuksia noi kissa-, koira- ja muumimerkit! Mä en oo tommosia muumimerkkejä ennen nähnytkään :)
    Täytyykin nyt muuten tarkistaa onko meille päin tiedossa mitään markkinoita kesällä, sinne pitää ehdottomasti päästä :)
    Toi sun opiskeluvaihto kuulostaa täydelliseltä <3 Onnea kovasti sinne pääsystä :)

    1. Mä oon nähny joitain, mut noi on aivan uusia, ihan kuten -94 Muumimerkit jotka löyty samalta myyjältä ihan hirveen halvalla ja vahingossa :) Niin ihanaa että voi käyttää vanhoja merkkejä :D Niitten takii en oo vielä ees ostanu toukokuussa tulleita merkkejä :D
      Markkinat on jotain niin ihania<3 Ihanan halpaa ja sitten vielä ihan outoja ja vanhoja Muumikortteja<3 Tykkään<3 Harmi vaan etten toisena päivänä ehtiny töistä juosta paremmalle ständille, ku se oli jo purettu :(
      Kiitos<3 Ei kuitenkaan oo vaihto vaan ihan työharjoittelu :) Ihan töihin Thaimaaseen oon menossa, vaihdot jäi kokonaan välistä :3

  3. That's really great that you get to go to Asia for 5 months. :) Congrats!

    1. Thanks<3 I've been dying to tell about it to everyone for almost a month and then it just burst out when things were settled and papers written :3 I can't wait to go<3 >3< No winter this year! :D

    2. Cool. :) Yeah..hard to not tell people about it..but I also don't like telling people about plans until they are really settled and all. :) I still remember how excited I was when I got to do my internship in Spain (which was the country I dreamed about at that time...and it's still one of my favorite countries.)
      I hope you'll have a great time there :) What are you going to do there?

      I would love to go visit Porvoo one day...maybe next time I get to Finland it'll work out. :)

      BTW, we've been speaking about Thailand in Finnish course, I think one course member or so was there once. And he translated it to "Thailandia" in Finnish..but then Finnish teacher told him it is "Thaimaa" in Finnish. :P

    3. I applied to Spain as well but they dropped me in the last phase :D Didn't manage to travel to Fuengirola.. But I'd rather go to Thailand as I've been dreaming of seeing Indochina region for a while :D Now I probably manage to travel there if I have time and money :D I also applied to USA but I turned down the interview as I had already received the place from Thailand :)
      I'll be working in a hotel with mostly Finnish/Swedish tourists :) And during the times I have off I'll be travelling around Thailand and visit some neighbouring countries as long as I have all the vaccinations against all the needed diseases and whatever is needed against malaria :)

      You really should come to Porvoo! :) My another German penpal is coming to Helsinki less than a week after my birthday and we will go and see Moomin related shows and she will come to Porvoo with me :) And as long as my dad has time off he'll also walk us around Porvoo as he was born and raised in Porvoo as well :DD Better book a visit with us and you'll have the best service EVER ;DD

      Haha :D Me and my friend sometimes use "Thailandia" :D

    4. Yeah...Spain is closer and also cheaper to get there at some point maybe. :) Thailand is really cool, and it's probably a place where otherwise you wouldn't get to go that easily. :)
      Are you going to try and learn some of the language there too? (if you don't already)

      That would be really great to be shown around by someone who knows the city/place. :)
      Moomin related, what kind of shows? Maybe by the time I get to go to Finland again, my Finnish will be a bit better already...let's see.
      Kinda thinking about coming again to Finland in December, but I don't know yet. And in December it most likely won't be possible to meet you since I guess you'd be in Thailand then. So I guess it won't be before next year when I might come again...unless something happens and I get to go earlier already...

    5. Yes, Spain is easier to get to but I'd argue that the price for everyday things and living is a lot less, which is why I'm over the moon I get to go there :D Especially since a 2kg package costs about 20€ to send!! And I think that was nearly the price of the fastest option :DD SO going to send stuff to my family :DD
      Not sure if I get to learn the language but at least I try to learn something :) And I might meet my old Thai penpal :) We only exchanged a couple of letters but we're still in touch via FB :) She could probably help me with the language :DD

      ALL sorts of shows - there's even a family party in Porvoo on Tove Jansson's 100th birthday!! But we'll be focusing on art and that kind of shows and she will see the new playground of Porvoo :) The bigegst park used to have a fancy playground but they tore it down during May and replaced it with Moomin stuff! Moomins EVERYWHERE! :D And they apparently talk about opening another Moominland somewhere in Porvoo! (Don't know if that's just a rumour though)..
      Come next summer<3 I can show you around and I probably even have a lot more freetime as school is done and I will live on my own :3 Would LOVE to show you around!

    6. Did my comment go through? I have a feeling I messed up and it didn't...

    7. If you replied to this post, then no :/

    8. :( Then I guess I'll have to write it was a pretty long comment...but when I clicked "publish", it was just gone suddenly :( it didn't say "comment will be visible after approval"...the comment box just turned blank like I've not written anything...:(

      Well, guess I gotta try then to remember what I meant to write...

    9. Damn blogger for not working properly! :(

  4. ONNEA!!!!
    Vau, vähänkö siistiä! :D Täytyy myöntää, etten ole ihan varma, uskaltaisinko lähteä "yksin" Aasiaan noin pitkäksi aikaa... Olen lähdössä tammikuussa kolmeksi kuukaudeksi harjoitteluun Espanjaan, ja siinä on mulle ihan tarpeeksi extremeä. :D Mutta NAUTI! Tulee varmasti upeat viisi kuukautta!

    Muumi-merkkejä ihailin minäkin, tuota toista arkkia en ole nähnyt missään piiiitkään aikaan. :)

    1. KIITOS<3 :D
      Mä en onneks tuu olemaan siellä Aasiassa ihan yksin :) Entinen thaikku kirjekaveri lupas tulla kattomaan, Indokiinan alueella asuu useita tuttuja ja Suomestakin yks tuttu työskentelee Thaimaassa turismin parissa joka talvi niin siellä on kuitenkin jonkinsortin tukiverkkoa :) Ja sitä paitsi ainakin äiti ja 2 kaveria on jo sanonut että on tulossa käymään kattomassa mua kun kerran pääsen paratiisiin töihin :D
      Mä hain kanssa harjotteluun Espanjaan, Fuengirolaan, muttei loppujen lopuks ottanu mua ja ite kieltäydyin haastattelusta USA:n harjottelusta, kun sain jo ton Thaimaan.. Aloin iteki olla melko varma etten ikinä valmistuis, mut nytte on enää toi harjoittelu ja opparin loppuun saattaminen (miten voi olla NIIN vaikeeta saada viimeset muutokset tehtyä??)!
      Onnea Espanjaan pääsystä<3 :D Kolmekin kuukautta on jo pitkä aika ja Espanja olis ollu niin ihana paikka tehä töitä<3 :3

      -98 vai 2000 merkkejä? :D Ite en oo nähnyt kumpiakaan, saati sitten 2000-luvun alun toista Muumisettiä! Kirjekaverilla oli 2002-2004 joitain AIVAN ihania Muumimerkkejä kirjeissään, mutta sen koommin ei niitä ole näkynyt :( Ja noi kyllä maksoi sen verran että on varmasti vaikeampia löytää :D

  5. I'm soooo excited for you sweetie ;;___;; <3

    1. <3 We both got to go to the places we wanted<3 :D SOOOO great<3