Sunday, June 15, 2014

Germany, Outgoing, Incoming and Shopping :)

Friday was my payday and first of all most of the money went to my saving account and rest of it goes to everyday life :) And of course I had to go and check my favourite flea market :3

But as I doubt I'll make any posts about the trip to Germany, the most important things can be listed in 7 points:

1. The weather was mostly cloudy

From near Husum
from Hamburg

2. HUGE problems with my Visa Electron - couldn't use the card ANYWHERE outside Hamburg

3. The time we had WITHOUT our teacher and schedule was the best

Harry Potter wands!

MINION T-SHIRTS!!! :D (found the geek store with my penpal and her brother)


Dinner during the last evening in Hamburg
Ate with a group friend (the last one, apart from me, who stayed) and her German friend :)


Omnomnom :3


4. Was in Hamburg and saw the Eurovision party and the woman who gave the points from Germany (no pics as everything ran out of battery D:)

5. Wattenwanderung is FUN! But REALLY messy

6. Hamburg was great and I'll go back to Germany to meet penpals - NEVER AGAIN WITH A GROUP!

7. Met my first foreign penpal in Hamburg and she got me small presents - I had brought her some Moomin tea (Muumimamman Voimajuoma) and some belated presents.

LOVE it! :3

Disney (mainly Frozen) stickers :D
But to the mail and shoppings :)


Only one part of the postcards I sent from Germany
to Kifia, Emma, Lisa, mum, myself and a Indonesian postcard pal
Postcrossing - 3rd card to Italy as the woman is active again - address taken+first postcard sent in January

Postcrossing - 2nd card to Russia - address taken+first postcard sent in February

Postcrossing - 2nd card sent to China - first card sent in March

Postcrossing - 2nd card sent to China - first card sent in March

Postcrossing - 2nd card sent to Ukraine - first card sent in March

Postcrossing - 2nd card sent to Ukraine - first card sent in March

stamps I chose to use :) OLDIES!
to Lisa

IG swap to China

from Indonesian postcard pal - MORE RILAKKUMA!
Yes, she's crazy! :D

from South Korean penpal

from Maria

from UK

from the German pal I met :) More Frozen (and one Tangled) stickers :)
Lovely J went to London to do her internship and sent me a card just like she promised :3
Can't wait to meet two of my lovely bbys in July! ;)

from a German penpal

IG swap from China

Postcrossing card from Lithuania

for letter etc. storage - only 3.9€

and it's big :3

MORE old Moomin stamps - 5€ and 6€ - expensive but cheaper than what they ask online

flowers from 1994(?) - 10€

Donald Duck 50 years in Finland (2001) - 6€


  1. What did you do then when your VISA Electron card didn't work?

    Those Moomin and Donald Duck stamps look really cool. :)

    I also prefer going somewhere on my own, then I can do what I want and when I want. :) And meeting pen- or e-mail friends is cool. Some of my friends didn't understand though how I could travel alone to Finland, they said they would prefer to go with a group, that they wouldn't dare going alone... But I prefer it like that.

    1. Stores just said that the card wasn't accepted but it worked just fine back in Hamburg and Berlin :/ Maybe Visa Electron only works in bigger cities in Germany? :/ Had to withdraw all my money and rely on cash.. Which I hate but have to do in Thailand as well :S

      I know!! When I saw the Donald Duck stamps I immediately thought about you! :D Look forward to the letter (when I get anything written ;DD)

      I prefer travelling alone unless I'm going to a city where I don't know anything/anyone.. Then a friend could be helpful :) Like in London! I manage to move around on my own but don't really stop to enjoy everything :)

    2. That could be that only bigger cities or stores accept it then. Not every store here accepts credit cards, I think. No idea about Visa Electron.
      For me it was the other way round when I was in Finland...I am used to paying cash, it was really weird to pay even little sums in stores with credit card. In Germany you can't really use a bank card or credit card for buying things that cost less than 10 or 5 euros...
      Some big stores take credit cards or bank cards also for small sums, but most don't.
      When I was in Finland, at first I only wanted to pay cash too, but then I realized that it is cheaper and easier to use the credit card...

      Cool :) Would be great to get some Aku Ankka stamps :)

      Yeah..sometimes a friend could be when I arrived in Helsinki, I wished for a friend to be there too...but I had to manage on my own...
      Can be hard sometimes to find a friend to go with you...for me at least. So I usually end up going alone...

    3. I really disliked that in Germany :D I'm so used to using my card and having to count the small coins was SO annoying :D I don't like carrying cash anymore - I only get some when I go abroad or need to take the bus :)

      Hope that you get a friend to travel with you the next time or get a local friend to show you around :)

    4. They are talking about maybe making that possible in Germany one day too...but right now it isn't possible yet. For small stores in Germany it is simply too expensive to accept card payment, I guess if they'd let you pay with card, they could as well give the small stuff away for free...:P
      And some stores don't even have card readers, so you can't pay with it. It was so weird for me in Finland that even those selling merchandise at concerts had a card reader. In Germany you can only pay cash at concerts or festivals. Which is kinda annoying sometimes if you see something you want and you don't have enough cash with you...
      That happens with me way too often :P
      There was even the possibility of paying with card at a flea market, if I remember right. :)

      Yeah...hopefully. :) But I don't really know anybody living in Helsinki. In the other cities I had someone though to show me around. :)

    5. I actually prefer card payments now that I work in retail. I HATE when people come and offer 50€/100€/200€/500€ for SMALL purchases. 500€ for 20€ purchase. Seriously people, use your cards or give me smaller banknotes. Who even wants to get those 200€ and 500€ notes and use those if NOT buying some expensive electronics or something really expensive? -__- I NEVER want any notes bigger than 20€ and HATED that in Estonia I got 50€ and 2x 5€ notes when I withdrew 60€.. in Finland those would have been just 20€ notes.....
      I think I might need to avoid smaller stores in Germany and buy LOADS at the same time if I want to use my card :DD

  2. this minion's t-shirts are soooo cool! and all of the postcards are great as well! Hope you had a great time in Germany! :)
    i made ne blog :

    1. I know!! Too bad the shirts were REALLY expensive so I didn't buy one :( Have to send money to my penpal and ask her to buy one for me xDD Germany was okay but I would have loved to have more time to do whatever I wanted to :)
      Great to see that you opened a new blog! Already following you! ^^

  3. Hey Lily, it's me Stella from Indonesia.. I see that you got my latest rilakkuma package that I sent you.. :)
    I'll send the other one either in this week or next week.. I emailed you the other day, did you receive it?
    By the way, if it not too much, I would love to receive moomin tea in the future.. I'll send you some Indonesian tea as well.. :)
    I'm glad that you get to spend your winter in Thailand.. Welcome to Asia, I guess? :D I have been to Thailand before, and they have the cheapest stationery store of all time!! You have to check out them if you can find the store.. I forget where I found the store, it's in the mall near Bangkok..
    Take care.. :) :)

    1. Hello Stella! :3
      Oh yep! I've received the email but been too busy with everything to reply (one reason even my Instagram is dead quiet :S)! And sure, I got some Moomin tea for this weekend so I will send you some when I get to send the package! It's nearly ready, I just need to write the postcards!! ^^
      Thank you<3 I have been to Malaysia nearly 15 years ago so I remember really little of Asia :) So I'm REALLY excited on my internship in Asia<3 :3 I probably need to look for that store when I visit Bangkok :) I need way too many day offs in order to be able to visit all the countries and places I have dreamed of and people tell me to visit!! :D

  4. Ooh, muistan nuo kukkamerkit vielä!! :) Ihania!

    Hienoa, että oli kiva reissu! Sushia, nam. Pääsitkö puhumaan paljon saksaa? ;)

    1. Mullakin on joitain tosi pieniä muistikuvia että oon nähny niitä, muttei yhtään että missä ja milloin :) Oli kyllä nii ihana että oli 10€ ni oli pakko ottaa! Eikä ollu kelvannu kenellekää muulle, ku olin nähny noi merkit paikan päällä jo melkeen kuukauden :)

      En puhunu ihan HIRVEESTI saksaa, mutta kurssit (saksan opiskelua saksaks) opetti hieman enemmän kuullun ymmärtämistä kui koulun tunnit :) Ja postimerkit sain tilattua saksaks - tilasin merkkejä postikortteihin, mutta isosta postista sain Saksan sisäisen postin KIRJEmerkkejä, vaikka pyysin 45 sentin merkkejä :D Kaikki mahdollinen saksaks, mutta kirjekaverin kanssa meni kyllä pääasiassa englanniks :D

  5. Aku Ankka postimerkkejä! :D OMG!

    Kiitti muuten et varotit noista pankkikorteista, mä käytin vain ja ainoastaan käteistä koko matkan aikana, en halunnu ottaa riskejä :P

    1. Ja vanhoja kui mitkä! :D

      Eipä mitään! Mukavaa et pysty olla avuks :3