Sunday, June 15, 2014

Germany, Outgoing, Incoming and Shopping :)

Friday was my payday and first of all most of the money went to my saving account and rest of it goes to everyday life :) And of course I had to go and check my favourite flea market :3

But as I doubt I'll make any posts about the trip to Germany, the most important things can be listed in 7 points:

1. The weather was mostly cloudy

From near Husum
from Hamburg

2. HUGE problems with my Visa Electron - couldn't use the card ANYWHERE outside Hamburg

3. The time we had WITHOUT our teacher and schedule was the best

Harry Potter wands!

MINION T-SHIRTS!!! :D (found the geek store with my penpal and her brother)


Dinner during the last evening in Hamburg
Ate with a group friend (the last one, apart from me, who stayed) and her German friend :)


Omnomnom :3


4. Was in Hamburg and saw the Eurovision party and the woman who gave the points from Germany (no pics as everything ran out of battery D:)

5. Wattenwanderung is FUN! But REALLY messy

6. Hamburg was great and I'll go back to Germany to meet penpals - NEVER AGAIN WITH A GROUP!

7. Met my first foreign penpal in Hamburg and she got me small presents - I had brought her some Moomin tea (Muumimamman Voimajuoma) and some belated presents.

LOVE it! :3

Disney (mainly Frozen) stickers :D
But to the mail and shoppings :)


Only one part of the postcards I sent from Germany
to Kifia, Emma, Lisa, mum, myself and a Indonesian postcard pal
Postcrossing - 3rd card to Italy as the woman is active again - address taken+first postcard sent in January

Postcrossing - 2nd card to Russia - address taken+first postcard sent in February

Postcrossing - 2nd card sent to China - first card sent in March

Postcrossing - 2nd card sent to China - first card sent in March

Postcrossing - 2nd card sent to Ukraine - first card sent in March

Postcrossing - 2nd card sent to Ukraine - first card sent in March

stamps I chose to use :) OLDIES!
to Lisa

IG swap to China

from Indonesian postcard pal - MORE RILAKKUMA!
Yes, she's crazy! :D

from South Korean penpal

from Maria

from UK

from the German pal I met :) More Frozen (and one Tangled) stickers :)
Lovely J went to London to do her internship and sent me a card just like she promised :3
Can't wait to meet two of my lovely bbys in July! ;)

from a German penpal

IG swap from China

Postcrossing card from Lithuania

for letter etc. storage - only 3.9€

and it's big :3

MORE old Moomin stamps - 5€ and 6€ - expensive but cheaper than what they ask online

flowers from 1994(?) - 10€

Donald Duck 50 years in Finland (2001) - 6€

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm Not Dead, Just Floating~

No, I'm not dead (even though at times I do feel like a zombie). Life has just kept me busy and tired and all my energy has been targeted at working my ass off at my part-time job to get enough money for the next winter. I've been working for nearly 4 weeks now and I love my co-workers when we're not having extremely busy day and everyone is stressed :) I've stayed to do some overwork and such but no, I'm not complaining :) Salary comes tomorrow and I'm SO happy about it :)

And what on earth am I saving up for?
Well.. The day after (or to be exact the morning after) I came from Germany - May 13th - I got a call from one of the places I sent a message asking about internship and they offered me one :) The dates aren't yet set as I can't apply for the visa yet and I haven't gotten the flight tickets but..


I got an internship from Thailand around their main tourist season, from November to March and I couldn't be happier :) When I started studying tourism I had small plans that I would do my internship in England, Turkey or Thailand, but Thailand grew more and more interesting and now I'm going there :) Can't believe I will be spending nearly half a year in Asia and I've already made plans with my old Vietnamese flatmate that we'd meet up as well as looked at flight rates from Thailand to countries around it :) So far it looks like I'll make at least 2-3 trips whenever I can :3 So far high on the list are Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam :3

I've been excited as hell (whenever work hasn't made me spend my day offs under the blankets trying to get rid of the tiredness) and due to everything I haven't managed to write anything - my blog, letters, postcards - ANYTHING.. Luckily I will spend the Midsummer away from all electronics so I might manage to write a couple of letters as well as read books :)

Last week I read first two books of Kerstin Gier's Ruby Red Trilogy (in Finnish, found those in a library by accident) and just as I wanted to pick up the last one - BOOM. Not translated into Finnish yet (coming in August).

these pretties were SO great to read :3
Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue
And on top of that I visited Porvoo Market in May - Porvoo has HUGE market twice a year - in Spring and in Autumn and, once again, I went there to buy some postcards :)

Moomin cards - 0,5€ per card :3

more Moomins

And expensive greeting cards with reflectors/magnets :)
Got those with a little cheaper price but it still will be expensive to send those :)
And as my mum had already told everyone that I'd never graduate as I didn't get an internship for the last winter (and my thesis still needs some small corrections) and suddenly I got the place from Thailand of all places she got me something :) She was terribly sorry and bought me some unused stamps from a flea market in Porvoo where this one guy sells a LOT of unused stamps from 1990-2012 :3

Eurovision stamps from when Lordi won, two sheets of those WONDERFUL cat stamps I haven't seen before yet hunted like a mad man when those came and dog stamps from 1997-1998

the doggies :)

And two old Moomin stamp sheets :)

And the stamps :)

Happy with what I got but even more happy when I hear what my penpals will think when they get some older and (now) rarer stamps from me :3

But I need to get ready for my shift~ :)
Will try to post something mail related as soon as possible! ^^