Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mail Weeks #19-20

Been in Finland since Monday-Tuesday night and I'm STILL tired. Both good and bad things have happened and I'm currently just aiming to get mostly everything sorted by the end of May, concentrate on work and letters for June and July and continue with the last paperwork when school opens again in early August.

But more about my good news later on, you're here to see the mail :) No sent mail as I wasn't in Finland May 5th-12th (more about the German trip when I feel like writing more) and this week has gone by with me sleeping and napping 24/7.


IG swap from Indonesia

from Indonesian postcard pal

from Indonesian postcard pal (during her trip to Malaysia)

from myself :P

from Japan

IG swap from China

IG swap from China

IG swap from China
from Japan

from Estrella

from Lola
A cheer up surprise :3


from Emma
Gosh how I've started to love Frozen (Tangled is still my favourite though ;))

from a childhood friend :)

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