Sunday, May 11, 2014

Incoming Mail Week #15-18


from Russia

from Singapore

from Taiwan
from Russia
Polina Yakovleva

from Russia
Katerina Shmyrina

from France
from China

IG swap from Singapore

IG swap from Hong Kong
Moomin MT samples :3
from Indonesian postcard pal

IG swap from Indonesia

Surprise from Laura
Really made my day and helped me during a really annoying time with the thesis :)

IG swap from China
all unwritten :/

from Indonesian postcard pal

from Estrella during her visit to Finland :) Got the Moomin cards at the same day :3

from Singaporean postcard pal - she's REALLY spoiling me!

from new Japanese postcard pal
IG swap from Hong Kong

IG swap from China
I LOVE Despicable Me!! :D
Two DVDs of the first movie, on Finnish and one German :3

Thank you card(?) from China

Postcard from Chinese postcard pal
It was nearly torn in two as you can see in the picture :(

from Maria
from Japan

IG swap from China

IG swap from China

from Lisa/Germany
lovely new stamps, 12 pages long letter, 6 Japanese almond cookies (ate 4 before I took the pic) and 2 cards :3

from Indonesian postcard pal - told you she spoils me!

With all these Rilakkuma goodies!! Seriously!
Fan, Hangbag tag, that key thing, poster and stickers! And she sent me a message she found even more stuff she'll be sending to me ;;__;;

used stamps from Kate
All those Harry Potter stamps!! :O


  1. Ihania juttuja oot saanut! *____* Etenkin nuo postimerkit ja ihana Papu-kortti!

    1. Instagramin ihmiset ja kirjekaverit on vaan niin ihania että laittaa kaikkea sulosta tulemaan<3 :3

  2. Glad that you got my cards :) Hopefully you liked them.
    How was your trip to Germany? (or haven't you been there yet?)
    Great to see blog posts from you again, hopefully you're doing fine :)

  3. LOVED THOSE! :) Too bad I didn't manage to send you cards from Germany as our schedule was packed and whenever we had free evenings I just went to bed early. It was exhausting! :)
    The trip was okay, could have been a lot better and could have been worse. It was the company that ruined it for me, the country is amazing and I plan on returning after graduation :) And I'm doing just fine, I'm just dead tired as I try to cut off the tea for the summer and I need to eat pills for the allergy.. :) Hopefully you're just fine as well! ^^

  4. Aww, noita Rilakkuma-juttuja! Ja paljon kaikkea muutakin ihanaa. :)

    1. No joo<3 :) Rilakkuma-kaveri laittoi vähän aikaa sitten taas uuden viestin että on löytänyt vaikka mitä ihanaa Rilakkuma kamaa ja aikoo lähettää piakoin, vaikken ite oo vielä saanut sille Muumi pakettia laitettua kiitoksena :)

  5. Glad that you like them :) Didn't find as many cards as I hoped I would find (same for stamps). Maybe if/when I go again to Finland, I'll find a bigger variety.
    That is a pity that your schedule there was packed and all.
    Sorry that the company kinda ruined the trip for you. There were some things also that kinda ruined the Finland trip for me, maybe if I go there again, such things won't happen anymore...

    I'm doing ok, kinda tired too. What allergy?