Saturday, April 5, 2014

Incoming Mail Week #14


from Russia

from Russia
New Doctor Who postcard :3

Other Postcards

from Emma
Lovely surprise I got on Thursday. I recognized the handwriting on the envelope but it took me a while to figure out who sent me a postcard as there was a fake ID-number :)

from Japan
Postcard pal had to stop swapping so she sent me 3 "goodbye" postcards :(

from Japan

from Japan

IG swap from Hong Kong

IG swap from Taiwan pt.1

IG swap from Taiwan pt.2


  1. Absolutely beautiful postcards!

  2. That Doctor Who card looks cool. :)
    And I like the cat card from Emma too. :) So she sent you a card and made it seem like it's a postcrossing card? :P

    1. It is! :D I was so surprised to see that it was from Russia :) Only gotten 3 Doctor Who postcards via Postcrossing and 2 were from UK :D
      Yup :D There was a fake ID I didn't check properly (I always read the card first) and when I checked the ID it was the date (FI-01042014) :DD And it was sent in an envelope like I prefer receiving the cards :3

    2. Cool :) april's fools prank then :) Cool idea :P
      An "aprilli-pila" :) a nice prank then :)
      Cool that it came in an envelope :) Most "normal" postcrossing cards don't...and if they do, then it's often not a real postcard, but a photo or something...
      I think I wouldn't notice a fake ID right away either, cause I only check the ID when I go and register it...

    3. In a way I guess.. But I didn't really take it as a prank as I really LOATHE April Fool's Day :)
      The first thing that's written on my PC profile is asking people to send cards in an envelope if it doesn't cost anything extra (like it doesn't if you send it from Finland or Germany).. Some do send it this way but I've gotten messages with some cards that "sending cards in an envelope is SO much more expensive!!".. Apparently people can't see the "IF" that starts the whole sentence -__- Some cards do arrive in envelope but usually not the ones that I'd like to arrive that way.. And the prettiest ones come without envelopes and have taken some hit during the travel to my mailbox..

    4. Ah, ok...why do you loathe April Fool's day?

      It used to be exact the other way round here though :P I remember a time when postcards without envelope cost more than postcards with envelope, so at that time sending postcards without envelope would have cost me more a lot more....but it's not like that anymore.
      But for mail within Germany a postcard costs less than letter (45 cents for a postcard and 60 cents for a letter)
      It's different for international mail though for some reason.
      How is it in Finland? Is there a difference with national mail, between postcards or letters?

      Yeah, some people seem to only read parts of what you write...(or maybe they don't understand it well...)
      That has happened to me too...postcards that arrive dirty or torn...I hate it when that happens...

      Oh, and I'll be going to Finland soon :) (if all goes well with travelling)

    5. A LOT of bad things have happened to me and my family exactly on April Fool's and I loathe the fact that there's a day when it's accepted and you're in a way expected to lie all the time.. Why not have a day when you have to just speak the truth as well?

      In Finland there's almost no difference.. Priority mail within Finland & to abroad costs the same - 1€ but within Finland it's up to 50g while abroad it's only up to 20g - and after that 50g/100g depends on the location - Finland (1€/1,40€), Europe (1,5€/2,1€) and rest of the world (2,3€/5€) :S Guess I'll try to stick with pals in Europe if I ever want to send heavier letters or packages :D And postcards and letters go with the same priority stamp..
      We have 2nd class/economy stamp for mails within Finland (they tried to promote and make people use those more at one point, especially when those came widely available back in 2011, before that you had to have at least 20 mail pieces (or so I've heard) to be sent at the same time in the post office before they even offered you the economy stamp) but those are only 10 cents cheaper - 10 cents more to have the letter/postcard arrive the next day? Who cares, I just always put the priority stamp :) And the economy stamps aren't even that pretty most of the time :) For example, I only like some of the economy Moomin stamps (like 3/6) and the fruit stamps we got last month (

      Really? :D Let me know when and where you'll be going and maybe we can meet :D Unless I'm doing my internship somewhere else at that time :P

  3. I'm sorry about that, about bad things having happened to you and your family...:(

    Interesting, we have different prices for mail within Germany and mail abroad...
    Mail systems seem to be quite different. We used to have different prices for mail to Europe and mail to the rest of the world, but they changed it and now it costs the same.
    A letter/small package up to 500g used to cost 3 euros to Europe and 6 to the rest of the world (6/12 euros for up to 1 kilo), but now it costs 3,45 euros and 7 euros for both Europe and the rest of the world...Maybe more people send things to European countries and not to other countries in the world?
    I wonder if we ever had economy stamps in Germany...I don't remember that...
    When suomikauppa sends me Aku Ankka mags, they often use 2nd class stamps...
    Those for example: The one with the little girl I've gotten already, and the snowy one too, and the old-fashioned mailbox, maybe even all of them...not sure :P
    I kinda like those mailbox stamps :)

    I will fly to Finland on friday :) Not sure though if it'll be possible to meet though..since most of the time I'll be in cities that are pretty far away from you. I'll be in Helsinki for a while though, which is probably closest to where you live, but not sure if I'll have the time to visit you..or if you'd have time...Helsinki-Porvoo seems to be a trip of about an hour...

    1. In a way I wish Finland would have similar prices as well as different prices for domestic and foreign mail as well as postcards :) Would definitely have more Finnish pals that way, now I just have ~4 (not sure if one will reply :)) and maybe even postcard pals :D Not really ideal to send one card for 0,9-1€ when you can send tens of postcards in an envelope :) But maybe it's due to the difference of prices that sending shaped cards is more expensive :)

      500g 3,45 and 1kg 7€??????? I'M MOVING TO GERMANY RIGHT NOW! :DD SO much cheaper to send packages though all my normal letters would automatically be 1,5€ since those are a bit thicker than 0,5cm :D
      Sure Finland has priority and economy mail have different rates - the ones for 50g/100g I gave earlier were for priority mail, economy mail would be 1,3€/2€ for Europe, 1,6€/2,4€ for outside of Europe - HALF THE PRICE OF PRIORITY MAIL!! But also twice as slow :/

      I have the mailbox stamps already as many stores do use those - before the fruits those were the only 2nd class stamps available in the packages of 100 stamps that stores and companies tend to purchase :)

      Already on Friday? :O Wow! I have you have a great time as I doubt I'll be able to meet anyone this weekend or during the next week.. Need to write thesis and apart from Tue-Thu (when I am in Porvoo) I'm at home and that's 2 hour bus trip to Helsinki :/
      But I really hope you have a great time and will enjoy the trip! :3

    2. That's a pity then that you don't have many Finnish pals.. But postcard pals could then also send postcards in an envelope..or do your postcard pals usually only send one card?
      Yeah..could be that's why sending shaped cards is more expensive...

      Yep..but those prices are only for things that fit in an envelope...sending a real package (a box or something) costs more. And if the envelope weighs more than 1 kg (even if it's just a little bit more than 1kg, then there is an extra fee of 10 euros for the package. So you gotta be careful that your package is not heavier than 1kg (made that mistake once and never again :P ) annoys me sometimes when stores send the packages as economy mail...especially since they ask for so much shipping cost that they could also pay priority mail...I think.

      Yritän löytää sinulle ihanaa (ihania) postimerkit ja kortit (korttia) (I'll try to find you nice stamps and postcards in Finland.) Especially stamps, since I'm not sure if I'll find postcards you don't have yet...since you have so many cards...

      Ok, could be then that suomikauppa bought a pile of those mailbox stamps, since they've sent me lots of those already :P

      Yeah..already on friday..can't believe on Friday I'll be in Finland already...
      That's a pity you won't have time this weekend then...maybe at another time it'll be possible then to meet you, if at some other time I'll visit Finland again...maybe then I'll also know at an earlier date if or when I'll that I can let you know ahead of time that I'm coming...

      Thanks...I hope to have a nice time too. :) kinda nervous and excited and all...

    3. Well, I think I'm okay with not having that many Finnish pals, would have troubles with FAST replies, especially now that I'm TRYING to finish my thesis and have next to no free time :S And I'd have just an enormous pile waiting for me to get back to writing X__x
      Some of my foreign postcard pals only send one card at a time, but most of the time it develops to many cards at the same time in an envelope :) And now that the pal who wanted all cards written and stamped had to quit I'm more or less sending all postcards in an envelope as well :/

      I'm not even quite sure HOW the prices in our packages (box shape) go.. The package rates start from 2kg (and then go on as 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 30kg) in which we have 4 different zones (some examples on the countries that belong to each zone):
      1st zone includes Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia and Benelux countries and costs 20,5€
      2nd zone includes Spain, Ireland, UK, Italy, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Poland and France and costs and costs 25,5€
      3rd zone includes USA, Iceland, Canada, Canary Isles, Norway, Switzerland and Russia and costs 35€
      3th zone includes Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand and New Zealand and costs 36€..

      Then we have "maksikirje" ("max letter") and that has the same division as letters Europe/rest of the world and have prices from 250g to 2kg, after which I think the package prices start.. But in some cases it's cheaper to send the mail as packages than as "max letters", for example a 1,5kg max letter (priority prices/economy prices) to Europe is 24€/21,5€ and other locations 44,5€/29€.. EXPENSIVE! :S
      So the 17€ still seems a bit cheaper compared to the Finnish prices :D

      Aww<3 Thank you :3 If you have some real problems with cards I've only received one Cinderella birthday card and 3D card with Rapunzel, Aurora, Snow White and Belle from Finland and I collect Disney Princess cards ;) And all in all I collect all sorts of cute cards :D If it's adorable or absolutely sweet it's probably something I'd like to get :D I'm not THAT hard to please :D Oh, and it's "postimerkkejä" and "kortteja" :D

      Probably :D I'm actually surprised when I get orders from stores with stamps and there are no stamps that were published in those boxes :D For example yesterday I got one of my orders and they had used Tove Jansson stamp :D I was SO happy! ^^

      That would be great! :D That short of a notice would work otherwise but I have a big deadline next Monday and I have to work my ass off until then so.. :/ Next week would have been a lot easier as I'm even visiting Helsinki next Wednesday :) School trip with the German group but I hope it's fun :)
      I can imagine! :D I have less than one month until I go to Germany and I couldn't be happier! :D Already stressing about money and what to take with me ;D