Friday, April 11, 2014


Life is currently, literally, shit.
Won't go in details in here but just a short notice that I'll have a month long hiatus from blogging..
I will still get some mail and maybe send some but keeping up with the blog is just too much work right now..

Even my baby is tired!
Life is crap, I have my thesis to finish, I have my German trip coming up etc..
So unless I hop onto the bandwagon and sell some papers, stickers and tapes on my blog before the trip I will not even look at my blog and leave it be. It just causes too much stress and that's not why I keep a blog, I want to enjoy writing it!

SO: Until May 11th, or so, there will be no posts but I might reply to possible comments and read other blogs when/if I have time for that.. And on May 11th I will (try to) have one or two bigger posts up :)

Here's to full mailboxes!



  1. Have a lovely, stress-free hiatus and hope everything gets better honey<3

    1. Thank you<3 I really hope so too! Would love to have everything figured out by May but it's rather unlikely :)

  2. Sorry about you feeling stressed and sad...feel better soon :( Just wanted to send you some greetings from Finland :)
    Bought some stamps a while ago and the shopclerk or so asked me "ykkös vai kakkos" (or so...spelling could be wrong)..and I said "ykkös" and got a first class stamp :) So seems I understood her right...
    Feel better soon :)

    1. Will try to :) The lack of internet has helped a bit (only using it when looking for something for thesis that I couldn't find in the books I have with me) and I hope it will get better from here on..
      Hope you're enjoying your trip in Finland<3 Too bad we can't meet as I'm stuck in my room with the thesis :)
      Yay!! That's great :) You were in a shop and not in a post office? :) Have you seen any post offices during your trip? :)

  3. Yeah..sometimes staying away from internet helps...

    Thanks...I mostly enjoy it..though there are some not so nice things...but oh well...
    Yeah, it's a pity we can't meet..maybe another time...

    Yes, I was in a shop...I have seen two post offices in Helsinki, but when I arrived, they were closed. Saturday they closed around 4 or least those i found...should have found them earlier....
    And here I haven't found a post office yet...
    It was a store called Siwa, when I went to pay, it said "postimerkit" on the cash I asked for some :)
    No idea what kind of variety they have though...
    How many postcards or so can I put in on envelope in Finland...for same postage?
    In Helsinki people kept changing to English when I didn't they don't really...but then I didn't really talk to many people yet...

    1. It's Finland.. :) And especially the springtime in Finland.. Not the best time to travel here :)

      That's a shame.. But at least you did find some stamps :) The stores usually have these boxes of 100 stamps so the variety doesn't change that often, sometimes they have some sheets but not here where I live :D So the variety really changes from shop to shop and post office to post office, though the main post offices of the cities tend to have the most variety :)

      Umm.. Internationally I'd say 5-7 but if you mail within Finland it could be up to 20 :D So far I've sent 6 cards in an envelope to Asia and those have arrived but haven't tried how many cards can be sent within Finland but as it's up to 50g (excluding Åland) I'd say approximately 20 :D I think the English depends on your location :) In a smaller place they might not really speak English, or they're too shy to while in Helsinki foreigners are seen often and everyone is required to be able to speak Finnish, Swedish and English :)

    2. Yeah..maybe next time I'll ask her for different stamps then...(if I manage to say that...) :) Or maybe different stores have different stamps..
      Up to 20 postcards in one envelope? Cool...theoretically i could send you a pile of cards then...not just one :p

      Just one won't write any blog entries, not even incoming mail or so? So you will post all the incoming mail on may 11 then?

      Ah, ok...maybe they are not used to speaking English here then...or don't speak it..but that's good...then I can maybe learn some more Finnish here..:)

    3. Usually different stores have different stamps unless those are the 1st class stamps from a box of 100 (Clouds or Berries - in September/October we'll get a new box of 100 stamps, this time there's 10 different stamps of Finnish bridges -no images yet- :) More upcoming stamps in: but Suomalainen Kirjakauppa usually has a better variety or Siwa/Valintatalo/R-Kioski with a "post office" :) Yay! :D Postcards<3 :DD

      Nope, no blog entries until May.. :( Too much to do before that (finishing thesis, the last thesis seminar, packing for the trip, school) not to mention life.. Blogging just adds to the stress so I chose it's better to go on a hiatus for a while, though I bet not that many people would've even noticed if I hadn't posted a thing :)
      Yup, all the incoming mail coming around May 11th, except for the exact week as I'm then in Germany :)

      I keep my fingers crossed and hope you'll learn some more Finnish! :D I'm already so worried over my trip as I have a tandem pair I need to send email back and forth - I write in German, he writes in Finnish and my German skills are SO poor! :D Wonder how I'll survive in a small town :D

    4. Cool. :) I think I have to learn the numbers, so that I can say how many stamps I I can never remember the Finnish numbers...somehow...:(
      Suomalainen kirjakauppa has stamps too? :) Gotta look there then. Minä löysin postia (postin) tänään.
      That link you've posted doesn't work here....says it needs flash installed...

      Oh yeah, lots of stuff to do for you then :) good luck with the thesis and the plans for the trip and all that...)

      Aww...could be that some people wouldn't notice..but there are surely some that would notice. I would notice at least...and I'm glad that you're replying to comments at least :) Since on May 11 I'll be back home already, and i wanted to leave you some comments while I am here :)

      Thanks :) It seems here my chances to speak Finnish are higher than in Helsinki...I just need to make myself talk...and not just say "joo" or "ei" :P
      Good luck with writing in German...if you need help, you can ask me :) And I'll try to help.

    5. That would probably be for the best ;D I've already been practicing on how to order the stamps that I want :D Like "Can I get 10 75/45cent stamps?" :D I won't care even if I will most likely get the frigging flower stamps I just need some to be able to send postcards :D
      Yes, Suomalainen also offers stamps but their variety is rather small :) They tend to have only a couple different sheets, depending on your location of course :) You probably noticed that ^^

      Thank you! Right now I have a week long hiatus on thesis work, sure the "final" version was sent today (in my case it's till lacking some parts but for those I need some more sources and replies to my emails) but the REAL deadline is the middle-end of May :) Until next Friday I'll be working like crazy on school stuff - assignments and so, then Fri-Sat I'll work on my thesis again, pack my bags on Sunday and then May 5th-12th I'll be in Germany just to start my job on May 13th :D BUSY BUSY BUSY! :)

      I hope you've had a great trip in Finland :) I'm getting more and more excited over the German trip, THOUGH I was really disappointed in hearing that there are no Disney stores in Germany :( Well, at least I'll save some money thanks to that :D

    6. I guess I should have practiced as well how to ask for stamps...:P Wasn't really very successful yet with asking for them...I only bought some of those that I saw laying around in the post office...
      It depends, if you get lucky and they just have a new release or something, then you might get other stamps than the flower stamps, depends on the post office where you ask in. Don't know if you know where to get stamps in Germany, you usually only get them in post offices or maybe some stores that sell magazines and newspapers. Normal stores don't usually sell stamps (but maybe you know that already)

      I haven't really asked yet for stamps in suomalainen, so i don't really know what variety they have..:P Maybe next week I will...not sure though.

      Good luck with all the things with the thesis and all...:) And a nice trip to Germany :) Hope you'll have a good time. :) far it has been mostly a nice trip :) And nice weather too :)
      Disney stores? Yeah, I don't think we have any here...what kind of things do they sell?

  4. The library has Kiroileva Siili books :) Cool...:) so excited to see them...

    1. Haha :D Did you read those? ^^

    2. I tried to read them at least...:P Some things I understand :) Like there was one that said "Siilit eivät osaa lukea. Eivätkä puhua. Eivätkä varsinkaan kiroilla." followed by a curse by the Kiroileva siili. :P

      And in that library one woman saw me with a pile of those Kiroileva Siili books and said something about them...unfortunately I didn't understand what she said :(

    3. Haha :D I think I need to go and look for those books :) I don't think I've ever really read those :D Just some comics online and whatever the postcards offer(ed) :)

      That's a shame :( Though I bet I'll be mostly smiling and asking whether people speak English when I'm in German :D My skills are so poor and I just don't understand half of the things I hear unless I hear it MANY times :D

    4. The books are really cool, I think :) You should really look for some.
      Speaking of postcards, I've tried to find some Kiroileva Siili postcards, but so far no luck (or I've just overlooked them in the stores...)

      I'm kinda doing the same here sometimes...(or they sometimes switch to English when they notice I don't understand...)
      But others are like speaking really slow and repeat it till I understand...:p And sometimes that even works...

    5. I've noticed that at least one of the books from the Kiroileva Siili series became number 4. I really hope they are just planning a re-edition or something...I hope they won't go out of stock permanently or so.
      The other 5 books are still available currently..but book 4 isn't least not in the stores where I checked..
      says "Painos loppu kustantajalta"..:(