Sunday, March 16, 2014

Outgoing Mail Week #11


2nd card to Greece
the user has sent 9 and received 1 postcard (PO address) and had been away for over a month before activating again a while ago. Let's hope this time she'll receive and register the cards!

2nd card to Italy
Empty profile, Russian woman in Italy, listed languages: Russian and Italy
16 sent and 16 received postcards
to Russia
to Netherlands

to Belarus

to Ukraine

to Russia
Other Postcards

to FrankiKitsune

to Laura
IG swap to Indonesia

IG swap to Indonesia
HAGAREN swap to Finland
Thank you cards to Finland

to Japanese postcard pal

to Japanese postcard pal

to Japanese postcard pal

Took "only" ~3 weeks to write the 6 pages long letter to Germany~
Viewfinder paper, Vampire Knight stickers, HAGAREN and Camilla d'Errico postcards

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