Monday, March 3, 2014

Offline~ and the new stamps :)

I finally finished the first draft of theory for my thesis. I don't care how awful or full of mistakes it is, that's why I have a fellow student checking and commenting it and why I'm attending a thesis camp this Friday. Now I hope to have a couple of days time for writing letters (and concentrating on German) as I won't even open my laptop or THINK about Facebook or my thesis. And the first one to ask me how my thesis is going during my time off:

gif from
So glad Frozen won Oscars but it could have given the other one to Despicable Me 2.. :(

I need some time off not thinking about the thesis, especially since the German exam is coming up soon and it would be good to have the basics memorized by now :D No need for all-nighters just because of an exam :D
Going shopping tomorrow (before the afternoon class) and hopefully I'll find something.. At least I need to get some of the new stamps we got today :D

All the pictures from now on are from

Set of 5 stamps and matching Priority labels :)
The gold medal from Men's team sprint
Merellinen Pohjola
Puutarhan Hedelmiä
for domestic mail
Our Easter stamp :)
My favourite is definitely the "Onnea!" set :) Really want to receive all of those and add to my collections :3



  1. Mä niiiiiiin tykkään noista Onnea! -merkeistä! <3 Mulla oli mielessä että käyn tänään ostamassa niitä, mutta unohdin :( Mutta kyllä tästä vielä kerkee kioskille ;)

    1. Ne on kyl ihania<3 :D Hauskaa kun eka tosta setistä esiteltiin vaan tota kissankello merkkiä (kun alustavat kuvat tuli viime vuonna) mutta tammikuussa kuitenkin kaikkialla näkyi että toi onkin ihan setti :D Oottanu niitä siitä asti enkä malta huomiseen että saan hypistellä noita >3<

  2. Eii, tänäänkö toi kultamitali-merkki tuli myyntiin? Ääh.. :D

    1. Juu, samaan aikaan noitten muiden merkkien kansa :D Tuskin ne ihan heti myydään loppuun kun on kuitenki sen 1,8€ kappale :D

  3. Ihanat noi pääsiäismerkit!

  4. The onnea stamps are really cool. :) Especially the cat. And I also like the gold metal stamp and the ships :)

    1. OOPS! The ships will be out on 17th.. Didn't notice that before I was told that in the Post Office.. :D But yeah, I'll get at least one sheet next month :)
      But yeah, the stamps are nice :) Already waiting for May for the new stamps and pictures of the stamps that are coming out in September and November :DD

    2. Ah, ok..well, not too long then anymore though till they come out :)
      Cool :) I've always been interested in stamps, but I never realized that there are so many new stamps coming out...either 10 years or so ago they didn't release that many new stamps yet, or I never noticed and just used whatever stamps they had...

      Has something changed to the blogspot layout? Or did you make changes? It looks a bit different now, it least I had to search a bit for the link to the comments...

    3. No, it didn't take long and when I went and bought some yesterday I almost forgot to buy the stamps I was going to the Post Office for as they had some Porvoo stamps available and I wanted more of those Onnea! stamps :D
      I got interested in stamps back in 2010-2011 when a dorm mate collected stamps and got me into it as well :D Sure I noticed special stamps on envelopes but I focused on getting the letter from the envelope and reading it :D After 2010 I started really paying attention on when and what kind of stamps were coming out :D
      And oh gosh I love the German Easter stamp! :D Got one thanks to Postcrossing!

      Umm.. I don't know.. To me it looks the same but there could be some changes Blogger has made (as does Facebook -__-)

    4. I'm not really sure when I got interested in stamps...I always liked nice stamps and I have a stamp album somewhere that I've started quite some time ago, but I'm not sure when I started to look for nice stamps myself to send...

      I bought some of the German Easter stamps too..they are cool :) Was thinking about sending some, but so far I haven't sent any...
      Have you gotten more Easter stamps from Germany yet..or still just that one?

      Oh, yeah, facebook also keeps changing, and I never really like the changes they make...

      Wow, it's been a while since I last wrote here...time sometimes goes by fast...

    5. I've tried to buy more or less every stamp since 2012 (except for the really ugly ones that I don't like at all) and so far I've been rather successful on that :) Right now I'm waiting to get money in order to pay a bit too much on unused old stamps from 2000-2009 that have been out of print for ages but I WANT to get some and use those.. Found so many absolutely gorgeous stamps that I've loved but went out of print fast and some I haven NEVER seen before and LOVE! :D Probably ordering some on Friday and get to show those next week or the week after that, depending on how long the shipping takes :)

      I thought there was just one Easter stamp but yesterday my pal showed me the list of currently available stamps and I was pleasantly surprised :) She asked if there were some stamps I'd like to get and I immediately asked for the other Easter stamp :D I will be getting the set<3 >3< I really love German stamps, OTHER than the old flowers :DD That way it's great that Finland sells certain stamps for ~3 years/until it goes out of print.. The only stamps they sell longer are the Moomins :)
      I found one special Moomin stamp from 2001 but too bad it was 5+€ per ONE stamp!! It's just crazy! It's worth 1€ (if you send mail) but since it's out of print, been for years, it costs over 5€ to buy one unused D: BOO!

      Haha :D Time does go fast! Only about one month and I'll be flying to Germany, my thesis should be ready and my German lessons are over.. AND I start my summer job..
      Seriously, I think Facebook should allow us to choose which one of its updates we use.. Never like the fact that they keep changing the look..

    6. Cool :) I think I've often looked in the post office to see if they have new and nice stamps, but I never knew that they publish a list of stamps to be released, so I probably missed many stamps (so now some "old" stamps are new to least when I go to that store that only sells stamps, I find many stamps I've never seen...)
      Probably some of those older stamps they sell there are not new to you..since you may have received those already. I wonder what the oldest stamps is that they sell there....maybe I'll check next time I go there...

      How do those stamps from 2000-2009 look like?

      Two different German Easter stamps? Cool..I think I've seen only one so far...gotta look for the second one :)

      Wow..over 5 euros for one stamp..that is really a lot...too much for a stamp, especially if you send lots of letters and postcards...pity that it costs that much.

      Cool :) Where to Germany will you go to and for how long?
      Yeah...I wish they'd let you choose what layout you want at facebook, or what update...I still kinda hate the timeline thing, and they've added many other things since then...
      And from time to time there seem to be problems with getting notifications of private messages on fb... A week ago or so I got notifications for every nonsense, but not for when I got a private message....and I like to get notified when I get one...

    7. In Finland the Post Offices have some "ads" up that show the upcoming stamps of the next 2-3 months or so and I love it! You can always check what will be available and when, except for the special stamps, for example the gold medal one :) And the stamps are only available for 3 years so those change quite fast :D
      And I have NO idea how many stamps I'm missing from Germany between 2009 and 2014 when I've been writing with Germans, the only thing I do know that I have each and every one of those frigging flower stamps :D

      The 2000-2009 stamps (and the fairies from 2010 -,%20Keijuja,%20N.o%2010001-07-2009,%20Ilmestymisp%C3%A4iv%C3%A4%2025.01.1010-small.jpg) are both ugly and pretty :) Some examples on what I ordered (and paid way too much for) are:

      LOVE those and both are totally new to me :) Didn't really care about the stamps back in 2001-2009 :D Everything was great as long as the letter arrived :D

      Yup, there's the letter and postcard one and I'm really excited over those! So much prettier than the Easter stamp of Finland :D At least this year ;D

      I know.. :/ But when the stamps go out of print, especially Moomins, the prices skyrocket.. :/ But there's nothing you can do and some actually pay whatever to get the stamps in their collections :/

      I'll be in Norther Germany May 5th-12th :) First 5th-9th in a small town near(ish) the border of Denmark - can't remember the name of the place no matter how hard I try! :S And then 10-12th in Hamburg :D Looking forward to see the postcards in there and sending a couple to some penpals :D Probably not that many as I'm nearly broke and I really want to EAT in Germany ;D

      Really? D: I don't use FB that often (or at least I try not to) and I choose not to get almost any notifications so at least on my part the site works rather well.. :/

  5. OMG, they are all so beautiful and lovely!!! I don't get to see Finnish stamps anymore after my Finnish pal moved to Sweden. I always love Finnish stamps! They are so pretty and energetic!! :D You are SO lucky to have such nice stamps to use! :)

    1. Oh, that's a shame! :(
      I also adore Finnish stamps but I still prefer Japanese stamps over the Finnish ones :D I got some Sakura stamps on my postcards from a postcard pal and I was over the moon!! And all the Hello Kitty and anime stamps :DD So we're both more or less lucky to have nice stamps to use :) Too bad I don't get that many of those current stamps to my collections as not all stamps are cancelled and I have next to no letters coming my way :(