Sunday, March 2, 2014

Incoming Mail Week #9 (+ 2 Outgoing Postcards)

Eat, sleep, write, procrastinate, cry..
That's basically what my week has been.. I'm tired all the time and even though I hoped I could have taken some time off this weekend it wasn't possible. So instead I have a day or three off from computer this week (Tue-Thu) and hope to get something else done (postcards and letters). The thesis just annoys me and I'd rather do anything BUT write..
Wish me luck. Extra school day on Friday due to Thesis Camp.. Hopefully it'll help me with the procrastination and lack of motivation..

Postcards that I sent but didn't remember to add to Outgoing post:

to German penpal and Kate

from USA (1/2)

from USA (2/2)
She sent me 2 postcards from my wishlist so I'm sending her a thank you card as soon as I get to sit down and write letters/postcards.

from Poland
the woman travels around a LOT so this card was actually sent from UK :)

from USA

from Belarus
Other Postcards

from Japanese postcard pal

from Japanese postcard pal

from Japanese postcard pal

the stamps she used :)
Sakura :3

from E./Scotland

from my British postcard pal

from Estrella/Germany :)
Despicable Me DVD in German, letter, postcard, Hänsel und Gretel book/booklet and amazing (mostly new) German stamps! :3 Too bad those weren't cancelled ;;__;;

from Maria
(once again) stamps weren't cancelled D: But at least I got some of my postcards written and to my collections :3



  1. Good luck with the thesis and all that. :)
    I was just about to ask if you didn't get any incoming mail this week...:P
    That's a pity that the stamps weren't cancelled, I wonder why. I think at least in Germany that rarely happens...Maybe I gotta try again and see if next time they get cancelled. I still have more of those animal stamps.

    1. Thank you :D At the moment I'm nearly planning on paying someone to write it instead of me :D Sure the subject is okay and I like it.. I just hate it that if I write something I have to have sources for every frigging sentence D: And internet is not my friend when I'm supposed to write the thesis.. ;;__;;
      Haha :D Yeah, I did get something but I was too tired and busy to write anything beforehand and yesterday I spent most of my time in bed or sitting in front of my laptop (in the kitchen) that I didn't have the time or energy to take pictures and scan everything :) Next week might be the first one in a while when I don't receive ANYTHING :D Especially since te Postcrossing cards came on Monday and Tuesday and I've still received more cards than I've sent :)
      Exactly!! I was so surprised that I received your package and the stamps weren't cancelled! D: The only times I've received stamps from Germany that weren't cancelled were during times the envelope was FULL of stamps and about two thirds were cancelled.. Just 1-3 weren't.. But this happens some times :) I'm more angry about the Finnish stamps as I really wanted those to my collections -__-

    2. Oh yeah...I do remember that well...sources for everything, the people correcting it are really exact with those sources...(at least here it is like that), not sure if it's the same in Finland...but probably.
      Oh yeah, and internet is just distracting one from such things...(and more fun at times too) :)

      Yeah...I thought either you got nothing (unlikely, but not impossible), or you didn't have time to post it or the scheduling tool didn't work well. :P
      Let's see then if you get mail next week then or not..maybe something will come. I hate that when the number of received cards is higher than the number of sent cards. I kinda think then about not registering cards sometimes then...but that would be kinda unfair to the people sending them. Right now I have more sent than received cards though, so it could be some more cards are on the way to me...

      Maybe they forgot to cancel the stamps. I'm thinking about getting another Hänsel and Gretel charity stamp, another 145 cents one maybe...

      You only add cancelled stamps to your collection then? Or uncancelled ones too? maybe you'll get those stamps from Finland from someone else again too...
      With Finnish stamps I can't help you unfortunately...

      The only mail I've gotten this week was the newest Aku Ankka mag :) Currently suomikauppa seems to be fast...feels weird to have the mag before the new one even gets released :P

    3. Yup.. Exact sources that have to be marked PERFECTLY in the sources list, being commented about the texts ALL the time and internet being as wonderful as ever...... I hate writing the sources and I really hate when someone comes and starts on commenting my text.. For example my partner for our online course just checked my Introduction part which was only one page long and she had 22 comments - "You can't write it like that!", "use "particular" or some other word". Great to be lectured by a Russian who doesn't speak English as fluently as I do and clearly doesn't understand that I need to use the word EXACT because I have one and only group I'm researching on. Wish I had started to write this in Finnish so I'd have a Finnish partner..

      The scheduling tool would have worked just fine, never had problems with that.. I've just been so LAZY :D Maybe this week (if I get anything) the Incoming post will come on Saturday like normally :)
      I KNOW!! Seriously, how is it possible to get 12 cards more than you've sent?!?!?!? It's just crazy!! D: And now I need to send and wait for AGES for the cards to arrive as almost all my cards are travelling to Russia and the addresses that I took before I chose to send more than one card per country (Italy, Indonesia, China and Greece) are taking ages to arrive.. The Greek woman sent 5 cards, received one and stopped Postcrossing as she hasn't been online for over a month and she has a PO address, the Indonesia and Italian guys apparently haven't received my cards as they're rather active on the site and China takes ages anyways... D: 1 card is travelling to Germany and one to USA.. All the other cards (19) are going to Russia............. Yay D:

      Probably, but it's REALLY rare from Germany! :/ I know that some Finnish stamps aren't cancelled - for example it's really rare if Maria's letters ARE cancelled.. And that usually only happens when I already have the stamps in my collections -__- The Hänsel und Gretel stamps are amazing :) So happy that I have 2 of them already (whining about those in blog and Facebook worked xD) even though the 145 stamp wasn't cancelled.. :)
      I mostly add cancelled stamps to my collections :) I want those to have travelled and been used :) Those gain some character that way and it doesn't look like I have bunch of unused stamps in my collection :D But I think I'll add the 145 Hänsel und Gretel stamp to my collection as it is :) I really hope that I'll get those stamps from Finland.. Though the 90 cent stamp is OLD and only available online (I got 10 and sent that one to Maria so she'd use it in her reply and I could get it in my collection) but the snowmen, sure.. Wish I just had more time to write letters right now as we've received SO many new and PRETTY stamps lately ;;__;; So far I've only received one of those Teddy Bear stamps and even that was on a Postcrossing postcard, not on an envelope ;;__;;

      Great! :D I've been already looking for what to get for myself after I'm finished with the thesis and if I get a job this summer (better get one as I've sent applications EVERYWHERE!!). Been looking at Tangled, Frozen and even FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood anime DVD (all 60+ episodes).. Would love to get all of those right now but Tangled has gone up to £13 again while pre-order of Frozen is £10 and the FMA DVD set would be "only" £30... Decisions, decisions.. :)

    4. Yeah..I really hated writing the sources and all that too... you couldn't choose the partner for that online course yourself?
      So you had the choice to write the thesis either in English or Finnish? But probably now that you've started writing it, you can't switch the language anymore...or could you have?

      Yeah..I wonder if one day it'll be like that for me too...I sometimes had 1 or 2 cards received more than I sent...but since I can only send 9 cards at the same time, maybe getting 12 cards more than I've sent can't really happen (yet...), but not sure. kinda surprised me that my stamps weren't cancelled, usually Germany is very exact when it comes to that. Wonder if with another try that stamp would arrive cancelled then...
      Aww...I hope you'll get that one 90 cent stamp one day then :) As for the snowmen stamp...did you get another one by now?
      Aww...yeah, so many pretty stamps get released all the time...I get barely any German stamps either, since I don't really get mail from Germany often...

      Good luck with the summer job (or have you found one already?)
      Have you gotten any of those DVDs already? I want to get the frozen DVD too :) Maybe next month I'll get it..the Finnish copy of the Frozen DVD still costs around 20 euros...the German one would be cheaper right's on offer :) but not sure if or when I'll get it.
      The Tangled DVD is cool :)

    5. I could choose the partner but the problem was that I didn't know any of the Finnish students there were and whether they'd be able to comment my thesis properly (if you don't study in English you don't have compulsory Academic English and you don't really know how to write academic texts).. And probably not, I study in English so automatically my thesis should also be written in English.. Sucks but at least I am better at writing academic text in English than in Finnish.. And I know the grammar better :DD

      You probably won't get that many cards more than you've sent since you're from Germany - due to the huge amount of users from Germany & Russia and people having the option of only sending one card per country the whole system is messed up and all the users from "not so popular" countries get more cards than they'd "deserve" while Germans and Russians have to wait for their cards.. :/ Or so I've understood it.. At best I've received nearly 25 cards more than I've sent..

      Nope, haven't gotten the snowman stamp as I haven't really received that much mail from Finland and Maria's envelopes are still not cancelled.. But at least I've already gotten 2 of the 5 stamps from "Onnea!" set :D

      Yes, I got a job and I'll be starting on May 19th :) Can't wait for that, though I've already had nightmares about it :P
      Nope, I don't really have any money for DVDs right now and as just made changes so that there's no free shipping to Finland available anymore and the shipping costs are rather high :/ 5£ per DVD delivery PLUS a bit over £2 per kg, not to mention the books.......... D: We'll see if I order from there again :/

  2. Tuo ekan kuvan vasemmanpuoleinen kortti... Olin töissä, kun yksi asiakas tuli ostamaan pinon noita saman sarjan kortteja. Skannailin niitä sit koneelle ja mahdollisimman huomaamattomasti ihastelin niitä. Piti sit myöhemmin käydä hakemassa oma satsi. :D Ihania siis, jos ei tullut vielä selväksi. :D

    Paljon tsemppiä kirjoittamiseen! Tärkeintä on mun mielestä kirjoittaa joka viikko edes vähän; silloin pysyy se fiilis siitä, että tekee jotain, eikä aloittaminen tunnu ylitsepääsemättömän vaikeelta.

    1. On kyllä :D Kattelin kaihoisasti kerran kun kävin Suomalaisessa, seuraavan kerran uskalsin kurkata hinnankin (kun tollaset tuppaa yleensä olee 1,7-5,9€) ja oli PAKKO ottaa 2! Kalori kortille naureskelin veljen kanssa, mutta ei sitä oikein viitsinyt ottaa mukaan kun ei ole oikein ketään suomalaista jolle sen laittaisi ja ulkomaalaisille pitäisi alkaa kääntää tekstejä :D

      Kiitos!! Mulla tuntuu aloittaminen aina ihan hirveen vaikeelta, mutta pakko potkia itseä kaiken aikaa :/ Onneksi en asu yksin niin en pysty laiskotella kaiken aikaa ja kun koneenkin siirsin pääosin keittiöön niin muutama silmäpari vahtii etten kaiken aikaa selaile turhia nettisivuja :)

  3. Ihana toi Britanniasta tullut kissa kortti! <3 :) Ja ihanaa, että kirje tuli perille <3

    1. Se on kyl aika ihana :) Varsinki ku oli perjantain ainoo posti :)
      Joo, kirje tuli perille kait tiistaina, muttei taaskaan ollu leimattu!! :(

    2. No se on! :)
      Mitä ei taaskaan leimattu!!? Mä en ymmärrä miten niin voi tapahtua? D: Saaks nyt sit
      niit mitenkää enää leimattuna itelles niit merkkei? :3

    3. Joo, ei ollu leimattu :/ Sun kohalla on harvinaista jos kirje on leimattu.. :/ Mut kylhän mä voisin niihin mennä vaatimaan leimoja, mutta kattoo nytte mitä teen..
      Luultavasti annan vaa olla.. :/