Saturday, February 22, 2014

Incoming Mail Week #8

The blog is and will be rather quiet this spring due to my thesis writing. This week I had a week long winter vacation but I spent most of that time battling with German, my thesis or a cold.. So not that much time to write or read blogs (I have over 100 unread blog posts in Bloglovin, OOPS.....). Not that many postcards will be arriving during the next week as Postcrossing is stupid and puts my address to the address pool more often than needed.. I have 12 (!!!!!) extra postcards that I've received and I'd rather not get any extras, just one card for every card I've sent and has been registered..


from Russia

from Thailand

from Canada
Another card with scratches on it :(

from Netherlands

from Belgium

from Germany
I don't care for multiviews with ugly background colours :(

from USA
for some reason I adore this card..

from Germany

from Japan

from Russia

from France
sent from Switzerland

from Finland

from Belgium
from Brazil

from Uruguay (UY-1266) - took just 9 days
the moment I changed my Postcrossing account so that I send more than one card per country (all cards go to Germany or Russia) I've received cards from more exotic countries :) First Ecuador, then Macao and now Uruguay :)

from Belarus

from Germany

from Germany

from Finland
A woman with whom I've exchanged cards via Postcrossing forums :D
Other Postcards

from China
a girl I swapped cards in December and January :)
from Kate
Valentine's(Friendship Day) surprise from Emma

Friendship Day surprise from Estrella
Love the Lipton's Strawberry cupcake tea and the Andalusia infusion was nearly as good :D

Viewfinder (Yaoi) letter paper

HAGAREN postcard set - 3 different cards (4 of each) and a sticker sheet :)

HAGAREN postcard set - 2 different cards (6 of both) and a sticker sheet

Me and Kate agreed to swap books now and then as our taste in books is similar :)
I'm yet to send her "Juliet Immortal" (LOVED the book!) which I promised her but I still received the second (and last) book of "Little Blue Envelope" series :) I really wanted to like the first book but it was rather predictable and the ending was rushed.. We'll see what the second book is like..


  1. Olen huomannut suklaasta saman asian, kuin mitä tuo belgialainen kortti toteaa. :P

    1. Joo! :D Vähän turhankin usein.. :D Viikonlopuksi oli pakko ostaa kasa suklaata että jaksaa vain kirjoitella opparia ja pelkään jo missä kunnossa vaatteet on kun oppari on valmis ;)

  2. aivan ihania kortteja olet saanut! <3 :) tuo eka kortti on mun suosikki! :) ihanat kauniit värit siinä! :)

    1. On kyl tullu ihanasti kasoittain kivoja kortteja :) Ja lähes kaikki just eikä melkeen mieluisia :D