Saturday, February 15, 2014

Incoming Mail Week #7

All my German classes were cancelled as our teacher got sick. So I had my whole week off, next week I have my winter vacation so I actually have 2 weeks off from school :O
But I went to school on Tuesday as I didn't get the email before 11am and I was in Porvoo already on 9am and went to a hairdresser :) Now I have bangs again and a  bit shorter hair :) On Thursday on the other hand there was work placement info 2-3pm (I got a private info as I was the only one there :DD) and before that I met Kim as she came back to South for the week due to Desucon Frostbite :)
Luckily my mail week was great so those Porvoo visits didn't matter that much :) And I was able to work on my thesis and German during Monday, Wednesday and Friday as I had the whole house all to myself :3


from Netherlands

Thumbelina card
from USA

from Israel
third card from Israel :) And I can say this is the nicest of all 3 :3

from Belarus

from Germany
third or fourth time I receive this same Jetoy card :)

from Russia
from USA

from Italy
I don't care for city views but I actually like this one :D

from Finland
9th Angry Birds card :3

from Germany

from Finland
Linda Peltola's "Sweet Dreams"
Too bad the card was attacked by the postal monster on its way to me :(
from Germany
another victim of postal monster :(

from Netherlands

from Spain

from Finland

from UK (1/2)

from UK (2/2)

Other Postcards

IG swap from China

from my German penpal
she visited Netherlands a week or two ago :)
Postcards from Maria
Cards I sent to her so that she would fill those and send back :3

IG swap from China

from Russian postcard pal
RAS cards from Russia
from the girl who sent me official (anime) card last week ;;__;;

from Maria

from Kim

from Isa/Germany
Children's exercise book :D It's ADORABLE! :D

And some new German stamps :D 2 cents, baby animals and one of of three Hansel und Gretel charity stamps :)



  1. Onpa kyllä taas ihania kortteja ja muuta postia :) Niin kiva kattella näitä kuvia :3 Noi eläinpostimerkit viimesessä kuvassa on niin söpöjä! Mut toi ei oo kyllä yhtään kivaa, miten usein korteissa on etupuolella kauheet naarmut/mustat jäljet/valkoset jäljet :(

    1. Joo! :D Nyt kun Postcrossingissa on tullu jo 6 "ylimäärästä" korttia (6 vastaanotettua enemmä kui lähetettyjä :( ) nii tuskin tulee olee yhtä kivaa postiviikkoa hetkeen ku sairastelu, koulu ja oppari vie kaiken ajan :( Ei oo aikaa kirjotella kirjeitä ;;__;;
      Se on tosi mälsää :( Posti sais olla varovaisempi, kun kerta postimaksuja pitää nostella kaiken aikaa :(

  2. Oi ku oot saanut ihanaa postia viikon aikana :) Kiva, että tykkäsit mun kahdesta lähetyksestä :D <3

  3. aaw miten paljon kaikkee ihanaa oot saanu! <3 :) harmi että osa on ottanu osumaa postissa :/ tuo kartta kortti ja Sagrada Familia on mun suosikkeja! :)

    1. On kyl! :( Maanantaina tuli taas osumia ottanu kortti postissa ja ärsyttää niin hemmetisti ku suunnilleen kaikki kivoimmat laitetaan ilman kuorta ja ne sitten saakin kunnon osumia postissa.. :( Toiset tykkää niistä jäljistä, mutta itteä ärsyttää ku kuva kärsii :(
      Olin melkee varma että Sagrada Familia olis tullu sulta mutta eips :D Ilonen yllätys :) Ja toi kartta kortti on kyl aika ihana<3 :3

    2. juu, se on kyl tosi ikävää ku se kuva kärsii ja sit joskus niist saattaa tulla jopa sellasii ettei saa ees kunnolla selvää :/

      hah :D noi tollaset karttakortit on just mahtavia, ku niis on noit pikku yksityiskohtia :)

    3. No niimpä! :( Mulla ei oo vielä kertaakaan tekstipuoli oikee kärsiny, mutta kuva saa usein kyytiä tavalla tai toisella :(

      Ite en yleensä nii välitä kartoista, mutta lisäsin ne toiveisiin nii en vaikuta LIIAN vaikelta ihmiseltä :D Ja ku toi on Etelä-Walesin kartta ni nään siinä Abergavennyn missä majailin n. 5 päivää ku käytiin Joutsenon Opiston kautta Walesissa ja Englannissa lähes 2 viikon ajan toukokuussa 2011 :3

    4. juu, ja kerran tuli sellain kortti ilman kuorta minkä teksti oli sotkettu päältä, silleen sutattu kynällä O.o

      mulla ei ookkaan kartat vielä toiveissa, pitäskin varmaan laittaa :) oi vähänkö ihanaa! :)

    5. Kynällä sutattu? :O Mitä hemmettiä! Ei voi olla ihan vaan postin vika :/

  4. That 2 cent stamp was a new one for you? or another stamp?

    1. The 2 cent stamp :) I might have received it on postcards or earlier envelopes but I haven't got it yet in my stamp album so it's still new ;)

    2. Ah, ok...true...that 2 cent stamp is still fairly new :) The 3-cent stamp is the "older" one...
      First the postage went up from 55 cents to 58 we got the 3-cent stamp :P and then it went up from 58 to 60 we got the 2-cent stamp then.
      In Finland you probably don't need that since you can still use the old stamps..but we need those extra stamps to add to older stamps...Unless you'd just try and use the old stamps anyway and hope that nobody notices it...
      But I never really want to do that...:P I'd be too worried that it won't arrive or come back or so....

      The only classes you would have had then were the German classes? No other classes? How often do you have German classes? How is the learning going?

    3. Yeah, you got the 3 cent stamp last year and the 2 cent stamp came in December, right? :) Those don't look that special but I really like those :D
      We have those 5, 10, 20 and 30 cent stamps in case we need to add some extra postage and then there are some with higher postage from 50 cents to at least 5 euros.. :) Sure we can use old stamps but as the new stamps are published rather often and are mostly AMAZING I find it hard to stock up with the old stamps and not go and buy the new ones, even if those are expensive :D Just like now, new stamps come out tomorrow and I can't WAIT to go and buy those on Tuesday >3<
      I've actually received envelopes and postcards (both via Postcrossing) with just 45 cent or 55-60 cent stamp on it! :O

      I only have German classes (plus thesis writing and one online course related to thesis writing) right now :) So basically, just the German classes which are held 3 times a week Tue-Thu and all together 4,5 hours a week :) The learning is going okay, too bad we just haven't really gone through as much as I would have wanted and I wouldn't say that I'd feel comfortable writing in German :D At least nothing more complicated than "Hello, my name is.." etc :D

    4. Yeah...not sure when exactly the 2-cent stamp came out, but probably end of December or January, since we didn't need it before January.
      We have stamps with 5, 10 and 20 cents too..but just the flower stamps, :P Haven't seen others yet at least.
      Not sure what the stamp with the highest value is here...there is the 145 cent stamps, but not sure if there is anything higher than that..gotta pay attention next time I go to the post office.
      True, yeah..getting new stamps is cool, but I guess I have to admit that I didn't pay attention to stamps coming out in the past years...since many of the "old" stamps are still new to me. Only with the most common stamps there I've known that they came out. :)
      And with new stamps there is a higher chance that the people you write you don't have them yet..with older stamps it could be they've gotten them already...Unless they've never received mail from your country before...:)

      Envelopes or postcards from Germany with 45 cents or 55-60? I guess those may be people then who either don't know the right postage or just hope it'll go through anyway. :P And I guess if the people don't pay attention or if there is a huge amount of letters and cards, then maybe they don't check every single card.

      Cool..not too many classes then :) So the classes in German are going rather slow then too? Maybe your teacher doesn't want to teach too much then at once, since at the beginning it can be rather complicated...
      I feel rather nervous about writing in Finnish still too, but at some point I just decided I'd try and see how people react to it. :) How much have you learned so far? Or what kind of things?

    5. I really wish Finland would make new 5, 10, 20 and 30 cent stamps (as well as 50) since those have been available for a while and there's no change! 50g to Europe costs 1,5€ so it's one normal stamp and then you have to battle with those small stamps to get the rest.. And there are only so many different combos you can make until your pal has all of those stamps :/ There are 5 different pictures (same theme) of 5 and 10 cent stamps but it doesn't help when the 20 and 30 cent ones are the same..
      Have you received a lot of stamps from Germany? Or are you basically battling with the same problem as I am - you send a lot of pretty stamps all over the world but don't receive even half of those that you'd like to from your home country? :D

      I wouldn't say that the German classes are slow.. At least not anymore.. I've just missed two classes and during those we went through weather and family members (nephews etc) so I have a lot of studying to do before the exam in early April! :S And it's still so complicated, I HATE genders with the words and that there is no clear way to categorize those! :D For example groceries - I can make a stupid memo that chocolate is "die" because women want to eat it but then apple is "der" while strawberry is "die" and everything is written with capital letters :DD
      I can write about weather, introduce myself to some extent, tell something about my family and pets, write about cooking and make my own "Einkaufszettel" but that's about it :D Need to study a LOT :DD