Saturday, February 8, 2014

Incoming Mail Week #6


Postcrossing card from Germany

Postcrossing card from Russia

Postcrossing card from Belgium


Postcrossing card from Russia

Postcrossing card from Australia

Postcrossing card from Ukraine

Postcrossing card from Germany

From Australia via sendsomething
Seriously, I didn't even remember my account anymore :O Definitely replying when I have time!

from Creamy


Postcrossing card from Taiwan

Postcrossing card from Ecuador!!! :D
EC-1952 :3 And it only travelled a week :3

Postcrossing card from Germany

Postcrossing card from Finland

Postcrossing card from Russia
Polina Yakovleva's illustration :)

Postcrossing card from USA

Postcrossing card from Finland

Postcrossing card from Netherlands
Postcrossing card from Macao
MO-14238 :3 For once I get smaller IDs :) (and don't have to be all jealous when people who have sent less than 100 cards get loads of cards from exotic countries - I can't even send cards to those countries at the moment :( ) The only exotic ones before Ecuador and Macao have been Iran, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel, Luxembourg and Serbia :)
And I have sent nearly 800 cards :)


  1. Paljon kortit :) Ja "Kiroileva siili" :) "Mikä siili sä oot?" :P
    Ja kissan kortti on ihana/kiva (Creamy)...onko se kortti? en ole varma, onko se kortti...
    (Ystäväni sanoi, että, jos sanon "en ole varma, jos se on kortti", se näyttää ruotsilta...että tämä on suomea, joka/mikä ruotsalaiset puhuvuat...that it sounds like a Finnish that Swedish people speak)

    1. Se on kortteja :) "Paljon kortteja" , muuten kommentti oli todella hyvin kirjoitettu :)
      Creamyn lähettämä kissa kortti on kuva, jonka hän leikkasi kalenterista. Se ei ole oikeasti kortti, mutta näyttää kortilta :)
      "En ole varma, jos se on kortti" does sound a bit like how the Swedish speaking Finns would say :) "jos se on kortti" would be translated "if it's a card" while "onko se kortti" would be "whether it's a card" - you can understand the difference, right? :)

  2. Kiitos :) Luulen, että minulla on myös sellainen/sellaisia kalenterit (kalenteria/kalentereja?). Pidän sellaista kalenterista...:)

    Thanks...I try my best with writing (more or less) correct sentences...but all those endings make it a bit complicated for me...

    Yeah...I think I understand the difference...but if I write a sentence, that starts with "if" in English or German, I always want to write "jos" in Finnish...and then I remember that it's not always "jos" in Finnish...:)

    1. sellaisia kalentereja and "Pidän sellaisista kalentereista" :D Otherwise those were good ^^

      I can imagine those endings being a bit difficult :D I'm battling to learn the endings for the German verbs and it's a bit difficult :P Slowly but surely!!

    2. Kiitos :)

      Yeah...German surely isn't easy to learn either...Maybe learning Finnish is even easier than learning German...but it depends...both languages aren't easy, I think.
      But yeah, slowly, with the time you'll manage. :) And I will hopefully manage the same for Finnish one day...