Thursday, February 13, 2014


I'm a HUGE HAGAREN fan. It was the first anime I watched from the beginning to the end (the 2003 version, not the Brotherhood one) in just a couple of weeks back in 2005. It was also the first time I KNEW it was anime (unlike when I watched Sailor Moon in 1999 and Pokémon after that). It started everything and I STILL love it SO much.. The postcards have been rare and hard to fine so when I found a couple of postcards with $1-$2 (instead of $5) each, I couldn't help but bid and after all I did win those with ridiculously low prices!

Of the first anime version and the first HAGAREN movie :3
 And I was told that the Postcard Books of FMA/HAGAREN are rare (even though these are of Brotherhood) and those were both ~50% off (still 40€ all together ;;__;;) so I just HAD to get both and I'm seriously crying of joy now!

First book

Second book - and a postcard I accidentally tore off :(
48 different HAGAREN postcards from those books (minus the two I have received via swaps) and 3 "loose" cards.. I have all together 53 postcards of my favourite anime series ;;__;; I can die happy now..


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