Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Posti + Janetstore Orders

During early January I spent one day (and night) going through my stamps and realized that I had already filled up my two stamp albums, thanks to the amazing pals and postcrossers who send me used stamps or use various stamps when sending me letters :) So, when I had the possibility to go online and buy new album I just had to buy some stamps as well :)

Santa Claus (originally from 2001), Postcrossing, Moomin and Angry Birds stamps for international mailing
Taistelevat Metsot 0,9€ stamps for domestic mail :)

And as Tiimari is nearly gone and I can't find any stickers anywhere I made a small sticker order to Janetstore :)

Animals, Disney, Alice in Wonderland, Rilakkuma, Cars, Miki.....
Some are even 3D (Tinkerbell and Princess ones with the bows)

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  1. Ihania tarroja noi kaikki! :) Varsinki noi Prinsessa ja kissa tarrat! <3