Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 7th 2014

Had to go to school to print and hand out my thesis plan. School starts on January 20th/21st depending on classes and there I was, on January 7th at 8am printing papers all alone in out ITC-classroom. It was freaky as I've never seen the place as empty as it was then..  But I managed to print what I needed, submitted it to the teacher and off I went to do some shopping before me and my childhood friend watched two 3D movies in a row - Frozen (link leads to the Finnish trailer) and Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (teehee - Sherlock and Watson together again).

At first I was horrified by Frozen (due to the Finnish dub) and really excited over the Hobbit but in the end I fell in love with Frozen and nearly fell asleep while watching Hobbit!! All I could concentrate was on how many times Orlando Bloom's had gone through photoshop and all I was interested in was Kili and Tauriel's "romance"... OH! And I hate spiders. When the first spider was shown I was ready to walk out.
But before the movies I spent my time shopping :3

the movie tickets
After Frozen it had started to snow!! I was so excited but as the weather in Finland is warm right now, the snow melted in 2 days :(

Belated Christmas present for my 6 years old godchild
A tin tea set for her and her dolls :)

Birthday present for my mum (me and my brother bought it together)

Postcard albums

last of its kind in Suomalainen kirjakauppa of Porvoo
Tea for 2 of my pals

Moomin cards for 0,5€/card :) 10 cards for  5€ :3

Something I bought from Tiimari before it disappears for good :(

And of course I went through all the stickers they had!

Bubblewrap envelope & Garfield postcards from the Main Post office of Porvoo

and Moomin cards from the same place :)
Hockey Bird stamps and non-Moomin postcards :)

Moomin cards from Suomalainen kirjakauppa

More Moomins :)


  1. moomins everywhere! :) and a lot of stickers, I like it! :)

    1. I know :D My best friend said the same when she saw what I bought x3
      But I like Moomins and as it's 100 years since Tove Jansson was born there are loads of new Moomin cards in stores :D The selection is different in every store!! ^^
      Me too! Tiimari is closing up already so I had to go there and buy all the cute stickers I could find! :)

    2. I also liked all the pages! In Poland, the Moomins are not known so much. But we have a tale which we can be proud of, this is Rex! When I was a kid the whole day watching this fairy tale! if you want to view, type in google: "Reksio". In addition to this on my blog is a new entry in which you can see my dog interested postcards! : D

    3. Aww :3 Reksio looks so cute!! :3
      And I saw your newest post :D LOVE the picture of your dog!!
      And you got a bunch of pretty postcards!! :)

  2. No siinä on muumia kyllä kerrakseen :D Mä en vaan tajua miten joku voi tietää mikä on uus muumikortti ja mikä ei, eiks niitä oo jotain sata miljoonaa erilaista eri kustantajilta (tms) myynnissä :O? Ja meillä päin tiimarit sulkeutui jo ennen vuodenvaihdetta yhyy :(

    1. Mä oon käyny kauppoja läpi Muumikorttien perässä 2009 asti milloin sain ensimmäiset ulkomaalaset kirjekaverit ja sen jälkeen oon käyny vähintään kerran kuussa katsastamassa mitä Muumeja löytyy :) Sitä vaa osaa sanoa kun ei oo nähny joitain Muumikortteja aiemmin :D Ja noissa mitä ostin on kaikissa uusissa "Tove 100" takana - ekat kortit on vanhempia, loput uusia :) Mutta joo, on useita eri kustantajia ja kaikkia kortteja ei oo jokaisessa kaupassa - esim. meiän lähimmässä kyläkaupassa on uusia Tove 100 Muumi kortteja mitä en löytäny Kouvolasta saati Porvoosta :')
      Meillä sulkeutu Kouvolasta Tiimari kanssa ennen vuodenvaihetta niin meinasin olla uskomatta silmiäni kun Porvoossa myytiin vielä viimisiä tavaroita! Oli pakko mennä mukaan sinne ihmisjoukkoon. Ikinä en oo nähny Tiimaria niin täynnä!!

  3. So many Moomin cards :) And I like that postcard album that says "Do what you love. Love what you do" :)

    1. I know! :D I think I went a bit crazy when I saw all the pretty cards :D Too bad the prettiest 3D/hologram(?) cards were square and were nearly 6€ ;;__;; There was 6 or 8 different ones but nope, no money to buy those D:
      I had to get the album as it was SO pretty and the last one there :D And it ended up costing less than 8€ when I was nearly ready to pay 12-13€ :D

    2. I think I would do the same probably if I could find such cards here in stores :) But since I've started postcrossing, I've bought way more cards than I did before...and even before that I couldn't resist cute or nice postcards...:P no matter where or which country I went to, I always bring postcards back...

      Oh and I've just noticed that one cat card...the one that looks like the cat's paw is coming out of the card....(the pink one that says Hyvää Ystävänpäivää...) that card is really cool :)

      3D :) But yeah..I guess those are expensive...and I don't quite like square cards, because at least here they are very expensive to send, because of the format... Unless you send them in a package, then it doesn't matter...but together with a letter or just as postcard, it gets expensive...

    3. It's exactly the same with me! :) Apart from eating I probably spent most money on postcards and postage when I was in Berlin :D I just went crazy whenever I saw new cards.. Usually I don't really care about city views or cards of some monuments but the ones in Berlin were gorgeous!! No matter the price I had to get some in every store I walked into :DD I bet my buddy didn't understand me and my obsession at all :D I just can't resist postcards.. :D

      I know! :) I saw it and I just couldn't leave it there :3 Cat cards are the cutest :3

      I adore square cards, especially the ones you get from France - Misstigri and Blue art or whatever those cards are called! I just have to get those whenever I see some and I've even sent some square and shaped cards via postcrossing.. In Finland we luckily don't have as strict rules about postcards as you do in Germany.. But could it be because sending a postcard or a letter within Germany differs in price? If I understood correctly postcard costs only 0,45€ while a letter is 0,6€?

    4. Yeah...I've discovered that here they sell many pretty view cards too :) Before I thought it ain't necessary to get view cards from the place I grew up in...but now that postcrossers wanted cards, I noticed how pretty some of those are...:)
      Had to buy some cards for myself too...:P

      Yeah...square cards are cool :) But I avoid buying them for postcrossing or so, since the postage is crazy. I sent some to friends though when I sent them a huge package...
      But it's hard to send them as a letter since you can't really find envelopes for them...(unless they get sold with envelopes)

      Yeah...a postcard costs 45 cents...not sure though if it has something to do with that..
      the website of the German Mail says that a standard letter or postcard has to be longer than it is wide. "The length has to be 1.4 times of the width" or something like that...
      So square isn't possible, since all sides have the same length...
      For a square postcard you have to pay 1,45 euros...within Germany, and 3,45 euros within Europe. For that postage I could send plenty of non-square postcards...

      And well, if you'd have to choose between sending a package to a friend (with maybe things like chocolate, CDs, DVDs inside) or a square postcard to someone, and postage would be the same for those things...then what would you do?
      It also says that postcards and standard letters will be read/sorted by a machine...and I guess those machines aren't made for square cards.
      No idea how that works in Finland or other countries then...

    5. I still dislike most of the city view cards of Finland, sure some are pretty but most are just boring and there's not that much to see compared to Middle/Southern Europe.. Germany has some beautiful single view cards but I absolutely loathe those multiview cards that are printed on dark green or dark red background D: Not pretty :( But all of the single views I've seen are mostly gorgeous :) Too bad there are almost no pretty single view cards of Porvoo :/ Or Kouvola :/

      I'm happy that in Finland the postage doesn't get higher depending on the shape of the postcard :) As long as it's less than 25cm wide, 40cm long and 3cm thick :) Love the Finnish post for that :D Even though it means that the postcards and letters cost exactly the same to be sent :)

      I was so happy during my stay in Berlin :D Sending postcards within Germany was so cheap :DD Mostly I sent those for my family and friends (some penpals) and as I had a couple of postcards extra I sent those to my German pals whose addresses I had in my messy notebook I carried with me :D Mostly 0,75€ but the German cards were 0,45€<3

      But yeah, I do see your point.. I wouldn't send those cards either if I'd have to choose between one card and a package :)

    6. I am not really into those city view cards from Germany least those from where I live...maybe I don't like them cause the view on them is nothing special to me, cause those things I see regularly. There are some pretty cards though...I especially like the night views, with nice lights and so on...
      Before I started postcrossing, I didn't pay any attention to those city view cards they sell here...
      But maybe to some people in South America or Asia those cards are cool and "exotic"...

      That's cool, I wish it wouldn't depend on the shape of the postcard here either...but it I buy very few square postcards...some stores have cool square postcards though...maybe I should buy some and include them when I send out packages or something...instead of normal-sized cards...

      I remember a time when a postcard did cost a lot more than a 2 euros for postage maybe (or was it DMark still? :P)..but at that time I always put postcards in an envelope because it was a lot cheaper...
      And I guess I'm still in that habit to send cards with envelope, even though now it's not that expensive anymore.
      For some cards it's hard to find a fitting envelope though

      I never really pay those 45 cents for postcards within Germany :P Within Germany I usually send folded cards, so I need an envelope and then I gotta pay higher postage...
      My parents send such cards though from time to time though...

      When I was in Spain, postcards within Spain did cost only like 30 cents, even cheaper than here...not sure if it went up by now though...probably it did...

  4. I loved Frozen and now it's one of my favorite animated movies. It made my day because I was not happy that day (before the movie).....By the way, You've got some great Moomin cards

    1. I'd say that my favourite Disney movie is Tangled and Frozen is on the second place.. I REALLY enjoyed the movie but the fact that the best part of the movie (Let It Go) was in the beginning and the 3rd Act was a bit weak/rushed got it to the second place while I really enjoyed Tangled from start to finish :)
      Yup! I'm sending one Moomin your way as soon as I get more stamps :D